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  1. Guided Metta Meditation 4 - Akincano Marc Weber’s Dharma Talks

    Teaching is essentially translation. It means ferrying an authentic contemplative tradition across choppy waters into our psychological and cultural realities, losing neither the vision nor the truth of what we know to be our immediate experience.

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  2. Yuval Noah Harari On Why Clarity is Power | Rich Roll

    Ultra-athlete Rich Roll talks with bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari about the most pressing issues currently facing mankind.

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  3. Dharma Seed - Howard Cohn’s Dharma Talks

    I continually point toward this secret of the present moment, for if I am really present, I don’t suffer as much, I don’t cause as much suffering, and I am less afraid.

    I may experience intense pain or pleasure, but the degree of mental suffering lessens.

    Practicing mindfulness de-conditions the habits that prevent me from being centered in the present.

    This in turn gives me a more stable awareness, which allows me to recognize my inherent peace and


    It is this taste of nowness—introducing people to the living quality of the present moment and its sense of freedom—that most engages me in my teaching practice.

    I find no evidence of suffering, in my mind, unless I remind myself of some event that is not in the present.

    Suffering arises when I am lost in my imagination, reviewing the past or fearfully anticipating the future.

    I feel tremendous gratitude and love for the dharma, and the practice of awareness.

    Knowing my mind a little better, and being less preoccupied with my internal drama, makes me more available to the suffering of others.

    Consequently, I am moved to give to others rather than focusing on what I can get.

    In spite of being more attuned to suffering, staying present allows each day to become more joyful, compelling and intereesting.

    My desire to run from this moment, by running after an imagined, better future, or away from a past fear, has diminished.

    It is present wakefulness that helps me recover my capacity to live with balance and ease in the world.

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  4. The Astral Hustle with Cory Allen: Culadasa | The Mind Illuminated

    Meditation teacher and author Culadasa joins me to discuss his four decades of Buddhist practice, the ten stages of meditation, and his book The Mind Illuminated. This podcast is sponsored by ONNIT. Go to to get 10% off when you check out. ★★★★★ Please take a minute to rate The Astral Hustle with 5 stars on iTunes. It helps the podcast grow and brings the guests you want to hear. In the iTunes app, click on Library, select The Astral Hustle, then simply scroll down and pick a star rating. Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and what have you, and so forth.

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  5. CTP #016 - Daniel Ingram (Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha)

    Daniel M Ingram is a high level meditation practitioner and emergency medicine physician.

    He is the author of Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book and is the founder of popular meditation resource

    Daniel and I chatted about the fundamentals of buddhism and meditation practise; the nature of thought and thought/body identity; tips for increasing visualisation capacity; morality and video games; technology and limits to empathy; food in buddhism; sex/celibacy in buddhism; the potential benefits and dangers of psychedelics; causality vs objective reality; philosophy of personal identity; risks/benefits of high level meditation; and the intersection of medicine and meditation - with a few tangents thrown in for good measure.

    Show notes and links here

    Daniel’s Work:

    dharmaoverground.orgintergrateddaniel.infofirekasina.orgmastering the core teachings of the buddha

    Download MCTB here (free)Download Fire Kasina here (free)

    Twitter @danielmingram

    Recorded in Christchurch, New ZealandTheme song by Cosmic Tortoise


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