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  1. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #181: Last Agency Standing – with Clearleft’s Andy Budd

    Web design pioneer, Clearleft chief executive, and UX thought leader Andy Budd chats with Big Web Show host Jeffrey Zeldman about the failings and triumphs of our design community over the past 20 years, why the success of design thinking killed the market for design studios, and how to reinvent your studio or agency for today’s market.

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  2. Getting Stronger | Nourish Balance Thrive

    Dec. 15, 2016

    Hormetism is the application of progressive, intermittent stress to overcome challenges and grow stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. As athletes, we intuitively understand the hormetic effect of exercise but did you know that cold, altitude, plant toxins and even straining slightly to read can all be used to help us get stronger?

    My guest is for this interview is Todd Becker, a freelance blogger based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lives with his wife and two children. He has degrees in Chemical Engineering and Philosophy from Stanford University and Brown University.  Todd currently works as a staff scientist for a biotechnology company in Palo Alto, where he leads project teams and holds more than 20 patents.


    Not everyone will have access to all of the hormetic stressors we talk about in this episode. The important takeaway message is that there’s more than one way to get stronger. Take advantage in whatever way you see fit.

    Here’s the outline of this interview with Todd Becker:

    [00:00:24] Myopia: A Modern Yet Reversible Disease.

    [00:00:53] AHS16 - Todd Becker - Living High and Healthy.

    [00:01:48] Hormesis.

    [00:02:35] Low-carb and intermittent fasting.

    [00:03:58] Going on holiday and forgetting glasses.

    [00:04:40] Print pushing.

    [00:05:02] Exercise.

    [00:05:29] Immune system.

    [00:06:07] UV.

    [00:06:13] Overcompensation.

    [00:07:28] Lactose tolerance.

    [00:08:35] Unnecessarily avoiding the sun.

    [00:10:05] Finding the perfect amount of stress.

    [00:12:15] Learning to fast blog post.

    [00:13:00] Heart rate variability or even just resting HR.

    [00:14:02] Cold showers.

    [00:14:43] Alcohol.

    [00:15:53] Metabolic flexibility.

    [00:16:08] Allostasis.

    [00:17:07] Wood smoke.

    [00:17:25] Evolutionary mismatches.

    [00:17:41] Is charred meat bad for you?

    [00:18:29] Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human.

    [00:19:02] Phases of detoxification.

    [00:19:17] CYP3A4.

    [00:19:42] Superoxide dismutase.

    [00:20:01] Sulforaphane and Its Effects on Cancer, Mortality, Aging, Brain and Behavior, Heart Disease & More.

    [00:21:28] Low-dose dioxins.

    [00:21:53] Hormone analogues.

    [00:22:14] Gluten.

    [00:22:40] IgE emergency response.

    [00:22:50] An Epidemic of Absence: A New Way of Understanding Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases.

    [00:23:36] Peanut allergies

    [00:23:56] Karelia (historical province of Finland).

    [00:25:00] Reversing peanut allergies.

    [00:25:22] Poison ivy and oak.

    [00:26:49] Peanut oil in diaper cream.

    [00:27:06] Oral vs topical exposure.

    [00:27:23] Epstein–Barr virus infection at certain ages.

    [00:28:09] Altitude.

    [00:28:24] Boulder has the lowest obesity rate in the US.

    [00:29:28] PGC1-a via hypoxia.

    [00:30:16] Barry Murray on my podcast.

    [00:31:36] Altitude masks.

    [00:32:02] Train high race low.

    [00:32:24] Jeremy Powers on this podcast.


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  3. In Dialog with Timothy Morton - Jeff Carreira

    During this fascinating interview Jeff Carreira spoke with Dr. Timothy Morton of Rice University to discuss the radical inclusivity that appears to be an unavoidable characteristic of reality and a central concern of the Romanticism.

    The European Enlightenment was, in part, an effort to remove ourselves from inside the story of reality so that we could stand apart and observe reality objectively. In this way we believed that we could control the forces of nature and become the masters of our own destiny.

    Dr. Morton explores Romantic Irony and the particular irony that he believes we all must face in order to meet the ecological challenges of our time. Our very attempts to separate ourselves from reality in order to affect change, was always part of reality and that act of separation has had profound negative consequences on our planet. Separating ourselves from the world has lead to tremendous advances in human life. At the same time that same separation allowed us to unconsciously create the massive global problems – climate change, wealth inequity, water shortages, etc.- that we must now take responsibility for.

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  4. Cory Doctorow on losing the open Web

    The O’Reilly Hardware Podcast: Digital rights management goes deeper into the Web.In this episode of the Hardware podcast, we talk with writer and digital rights activist Cory Doctorow. He’s recently rejoined the Electronic Frontier Foundation to fight a World Wide Web Consortium proposal that would add DRM to the core specification for HTML. When we recorded this episode with Cory, the W3C had just overruled the EFF’s objection. The result, he says, is that “we are locking innovation out of the Web.”“It is illegal to report security vulnerabilities in a DRM,” Doctorow says. “[DRM] is making it illegal to tell people when the devices they depend upon for their very lives are unsuited for that purpose.”

    In our “Tools” segment, Doctorow tells us about tools that can be used for privacy and encryption, including the EFF surveillance self-defense kit, and Wickr, an encrypted messaging service that allows for an expiration date on shared messages and photos. “We need a tool that’s so easy your boss can use it,” he says.

    Other links:

    In 2014, Nest bought Revolv, maker of a smart home hub. Now Nest is shutting down Revolv’s cloud service, and in the process it’s bricking every Revolv hub that’s already been sold. Consumers may own their hardware, but if it depends on cloud software to run, it operates at someone else’s whim.

    Mark Klein, an AT&T technician who filed a whistleblower suit against AT

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  5. Predicting the future with Rachel Andrew, Eric Meyer, and Jeffrey Zeldman | The Web Ahead

    The landscape of what’s possible in web page layout is changing. Jen has a theory that this change will be a big one — perhaps the biggest change to graphic design on the web in over 15 years. Rachel, Jeffrey, and Eric join her to debate if that’s true or not, and to surmise what the future might bring. This special episode was recorded live at An Event Apart Nashville.

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