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  1. 015: Going The Distance with Rachel Andrew – User Defenders : UX Design Podcast

    Rachel Andrew inspires us to understand people who are not like us because most often the products we design are not for us. She motivates us with her successful habit of GTD (Getting Things Done). She teaches us that solid attention to detail and ability to execute can be more important than specific technical skills. She also proves to us that experience never gets old.

    Rachel Andrew is a Web Pioneer and the Managing Director and founder of UK-based web development company She’s a prolific author of a number of Web Development books including her most recent A Book Apart published “Getting Ready for CSS Grid Layout”. She’s also an active speaker who has spoken at a number of notable web conferences. When she’s not writing code, or writing about writing code…she’s a taxi to teenagers and quite a fitness buff.


    Solid attention to detail and ability to execute can be more important than specific technical skills. Knowing how to break a problem down, design a solution, and coordinate with stakeholders is more important than mastering any one tool or platform.


    Many of the most valuable skills we have today are the result of accidental or unplanned career moves. Today, you may be trying to figure out how to do something for your own use. Tomorrow someone else will hire you for that same skill. In our industry, long term planning is tough, so grab the challenges at hand, build good solutions and products, and see where it takes you.


    Nothing huge, but working with users across Europe, language has sometimes been a barrier. One time a user got angry because we were asking about her mental model. She thought we were CALLING her a mental model!


    I’ve been doing this for a long time! My experience allows me to draw on a lot of past projects when I’m approaching a new one.


    Stuff moving around on a page in my peripheral vision is a major pet peeve.


    On my own product Perch CMS, I always think about “forgotten users”–the content editors who actually have to use our product day to day after a company buys it. I spend a lot of time making sure that the product looks good not only to the person who may decide to buy it, but also the regular daily users who spend a lot of time there.


    We are finally moving beyond a design approach primarily oriented to replicating the print experience online. True web layouts and approaches are here. We’ll have to take into account not only many devices but many mediums (audio, touch, visual).


    I’m a big believer in the “GTD” approach (Getting Things Done). I make lists, organize things, and work hard to check things off. You have to know how you work best yourself to get through the not so fun and more mundane stuff.


    Try to understand people who are not like you. We often work in a design bubble, but the majority of our audience for most products is outside that universe of specialists.

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  2. #156: Modern WordPress using Bedrock and Sage with Ben Word and Scott Walkinshaw - The Changelog

    Our guests this week are Ben Word and Scott Walkinshaw. Ben and Scott run Roots, a team of folks who help you build better WordPress sites faster with Bedrock and Sage.

    Download: MP3 Audio

    In this episode we talk about a more modern WordPress stack, Bedrock and Sage, dependency management, WordPress deployment, smarter development setup with tools like Ansible and Vagrant, and so much more.

    If you’re someone who wants to use WordPress in more modern ways, this show is for you.

    “I think we’re all on the same page when it comes to WordPress. WordPress is a lemon, but the industry likes WordPress, so let’s make lemonade.” – 1:00:57

    This episode is sponsored by

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    Show notes and links

    Ben Word (@retlehs) on Twitter

    Ben Word (@retlehs) on GitHub

    Scott Walkinshaw (@swalkinshaw) on Twitter

    Scott Walkinshaw (@swalkinshaw) on GitHub

    Roots – Modern WordPress Development

    Sage – WordPress Starter Theme


    Bedrock – Modern WordPress Stack


    Composer – Dependency Manager for PHP

    Blueprint CSS (super old, but it’s where things began)



    [Screencast] Using Composer With WordPress

    Screencasts from Roots

    #142: Laravel PHP Framework with Taylor Otwell

    Ansible – DevOps made simple

    Vagrant – Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments


    BrowserSync – Time-saving synchronised browser testing

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