Ep. 290 | Wanting (with Luke Burgis)

Joshua and Ryan talk about our wanting for things, why we want what we want, and how we can free ourselves from chasing unfulfilling desires with author and professor Luke Burgis. Watch “Maximal” episodes of The Minimalists Private Podcast exclusively on Patreon.

Questions answered in this episode:

00:00 What is mimetic desire?

04:39 Does it help to identify the origins of our desires?

06:28 Should we strive to be immune from desires?

07:56 What is negative imitation?

08:22 How do we find fulfilling desires?

12:13 Can a relentless desire to be debt-free actually cause adverse unintended consequences?

15:48 What are “borrowed desires”?

17:44 What costs should we consider in the pursuit of our desires?

19:14 What is a “misery tax”?

23:40 How do we recognize and address the influences, especially those online, that promote mindless consumption?

24:10 How is social media addictive?

26:04 What is “hate watching”?


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