Currents 022: Curtis Yarvin on Institutional Failure - The Jim Rutt Show

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  1. EP95 Alexander Bard on God in the Internet Age - The Jim Rutt Show

    Alexander Bard talks to Jim about Syntheism’s new take on theology, the purpose of & roles in religion, post-contemporary God, the role of science in religious history, Zoroastrian history & its western influence, the digital exodus, the early internet, the failure of Facebook, #metoo, virtue ethics & game theory, damaging wokeness impacts & its philosophical history, Bard’s digital future, the priest & the king, the boy king, managing membranes & scales, and much more.

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  2. EP33 Melanie Mitchell on the Elements of AI - The Jim Rutt Show

    Melanie Mitchell & Jim talk about the many approaches to creating AI, hype cycles, self-driving cars, what can be learned from human intelligence, & more!

    Professor & Author Melanie Mitchell and Jim have a wide-ranging talk about her work in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They explore the differences between deep learning, symbolic techniques & hybrid systems, AI springs/winters & hype cycles, self-driving cars, strong (general) vs weak (narrow) intelligence, the black-box element of human & artificial intelligence, limitations of neural nets, the potential of evolutionary approaches to AI, embodied & social cognition, whether consciousness is needed for intelligence, reinforcement learning, common sense & understanding in AI, the value of metaphors & analogies in intelligence, and much more.

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  3. A16z Podcast: A Podcast about Podcasts | Andreessen Horowitz

    Podcasts and podcasting have been around a while, but seem to be going through a renaissance of sorts — partly enabled by connected cars and other technologies. But how do we discover podcasts; is the ideal atomic unit the show, or an individual episode/topic? What makes a good podcast? And given their intimacy, how can brands and communities engage with podcasts?

    We discuss this and more in this oh-so-meta episode of the a16z Podcast-about-podcasts. And to help us do that, we invited longtime podcaster and radio host Roman Mars — of the highly regarded design show 99% Invisible — as well as fans (and now curators of) podcasts, Ryan Hoover and Erik Torenberg of Product Hunt. [Along with, of course, your a16z Podcast producers and hosts Sonal Chokshi and Michael Copeland.]

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  4. iTunes - Podcasts - The Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferriss

    Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes for free from The Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferriss on the iTunes Store.

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  5. Bob and Groz Show - Podcasts -

    Bob and Groz Show - Podcasts - - Podcasts at Listen to podcasts of shows from News Talk 97.3 KIRO FM, 770 KTTH: The Truth and 710 ESPN Seattle.

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  6. Bob and Groz Show - Podcasts -

    Bob and Groz Show - Podcasts - - Podcasts at Listen to podcasts of shows from News Talk 97.3 KIRO FM, 770 KTTH: The Truth and 710 ESPN Seattle.

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  7. Podcasts I listen to | The Podcasting Project

    Podcasts I listen to In this episode I run through some of my current favourite podcasts. The list is far too large for me to link each one but you can find them all easily in iTunes or Instacast -…

    About the Author Myke is the co-creator and host of Podcasts such as ‘The Bro Show’, ‘Enough - The Minimal Mac Podcast’, ‘11 Minutes’ and ‘App Orchard’. In 2011 he is going to be starting work on rolling these shows and a few others in to a network called 70 Decibels, whilst trying to turn all of this in to a full-time living.

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