Don’t make it perfect, make it now | Gavin Strange talk video

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Don’t make it perfect, make it now

Talk by Gavin Strange at Collaborate Bristol 2019

Making the work is the easy part. Finding the time is the difficult bit. In this talk, Aardman Animations Director & Designer Gavin Strange shares his stories and methods behind getting the most out of those pesky 24 hours, conveyed via the medium of bright colours and animated GIFs. Gavin prides himself on being a "realistic idealist" or an "idealistic realist," striking the balance between uncurbed enthusiasm and pragmatic process.

Floaty sentiments aside, his presentation is about finding the energy and making the time to create things that matter. That’s something he believes applies to everyone, from student to CEO!

Collaborate Bristol is organised by Nomensa - the strategic UX design experts.

Gavin is Designer and Director at Aardman Animations

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