SDGC17 | Joe MacLeod: ENDS: when we’re finished with products and services

Ends. Why they are critical to improving consumption. How many services have you started, designed, launched and built a customer base for? Do you have the same passion for ending them appropriately? Does it matter? Most experiences in life are punctuated by a closure experience - an ending. In the past these were profound; however, over generations we have distanced ourselves from meaningful endings thanks to our lifestyles increasing in comfort, the church weakening and medicine advancing. The impact of this has been particularly acute in our consumer society, where as providers and consumers we are happy to overlook endings; excited to move on to the next product or service experience. This has created a cultural oversight in our personal responsibility and a vulnerability in our businesses. We witness this at scale in some of the services; industries biggest problems - mis-selling of financial services is now common place. PPI in the UK alone accounts for £35bn according to the FT. 1 in 4 UK pensions are going missing according to the charity Age Concern. Lost in decades of mis-management, mergers and acquisitions and the normal changes over a person’s life. A surprising amount of old people are getting their first tattoo, fearful someone will bring them back to life after the Do Not Resusci…

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