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  1. 4 Things to Do Everyday If You Want to Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy | James Altucher on Impact Theory

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    James Altucher is an entrepreneur, ranked Chess Master and the best selling author of 20 books. In this week’s episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, he talks about rebuilding his life after contemplating suicide and the techniques he used to come back after he lost all his money and struggled with personal relationships.


    James Altucher talks about how persistence helped him get his life back through the downturns of his life [4:06]

    His motivation behind writing about his life and getting raw and honest [7:15]

    Why his book Choose Yourself is great advice for anyone who wants to improve their life [9:07]

    How he deals with failure in any form [13:46]

    How he built back up after being so broken he couldn’t get off the floor with a simple daily practice [16:29]

    The 4 things he started doing to improve his life, and why you have to build up your idea muscle by writing down 10 ideas a day [17:50]

    Why you may need to start rebuilding your life with just one daily practice [23:37]

    The to-do list you should follow if you want to get into a great mindset [26:05]

    James Altucher’s thoughts on gratitude [28:36]

    The story of why he and his father stopped talking before he die…

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