UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 47: Using Pattern Libraries in Web Design with Laura Elizabeth

Pattern libraries can help you streamline the design process and build a flexible system (instead of static pages). Today we’re exploring this concept with Laura Elizabeth — a fantastic designer, writer, and speaker. You’ll learn how to plan and build a pattern library, how to document it, and how to make your clients fall in love with the result.

Show Notes

Double Your Freelancing — the website Laura is now redesigning with pattern libraries

Design Academy — Laura’s design course for developers

Style Tiles — another concept for web design process

Styleguides.io — great collection of website style guides

Episode 26: Bridging the Gap Between Designers and Developers with Roger Dudler

— our episode with the founder of Frontify

Laura’s official website

Client Portal — Laura’s product that helps keep all client deliverables in one place (use your special promocode uibreakfast to get $100 off)

Follow Laura on Twitter: @laurium