The Future of the Labour Party - Public lectures and events

Speaker(s): Andy Beckett, Professor Matthew Goodwin, Faiza Shaheen

Chair: Dr Robin Archer

Recorded on 4 October 2016 at Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

After a summer dominated by a bruising leadership contest, what is the future for the Labour party in Brexit Britain? Can it recover from the turmoil that followed the referendum result, or is it doomed to split? A panel of leading political historians and social scientists will place the turmoil in historical context, consider the threats to Labour’s electoral support exposed by the Brexit referendum, and examine the relationship between party members and MPs. Andy Beckett is a Guardian writer and historian. Matthew Goodwin (@GoodwinMJ) is Professor of

Politics at the University of Kent and Senior Visiting Fellow at Chatham House. Faiza Shaheen (@faizashaheen) is Director of the Centre for Labour and Social Studies. Robin Archer is Director of the Ralph Miliband Programme at LSE. The Ralph Miliband Programme (@rmilibandlse) is one of LSE’s most prestigious lecture series and seeks to advance Ralph Miliband’s spirit of free social inquiry.

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