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  1. 22: Richard Herring on the anarchy of comedy, Stewart Lee, and testing the limits

    In a laugh-filled look behind the curtain of comedy, stand-up legend Richard Herring takes James O’Brien through his partnership with Stewart Lee, climbing the greasy pole of comedy, the various disputes and fallings out that come with collaboration, and how the pair of them managed to get away with some of the most outlandish television ever commissioned. Comedy fans will not want to miss this interview.

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  2. PATRICK STEWART - WTF Podcast with Marc Maron #638

    All rights of this video belong to Marc Maron and Patrick Stewart wtf podcast Patrick Stewart Interview Patrick Stewart marc maron 2015 new

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  3. Meet the Author - Stewart Lee (September 2016)

    James Naughtie talks to comedian and writer Stewart Lee.

    Buy Stewart Lee’s new book "Content Provider" -

    As you may have expected, I own none of the rights to this - that responsibility is borne by the British Broadcasting Corporation. I do however like Stewart Lee.

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