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  1. Gavin McInnes Tweet Gets ‘Western Chauvinist’ Song BANNED

    Watch more Get Off My Lawn with Gavin McInnes

    An Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter had his song ‘Western Chauvinist’ banned by a local radio station because Gavin tweeted about it. The artist Ty Richards joins Gavin to talk about the war on art.

    Check out Ty’s channel: LIsten to ‘Western Chauvinist’:

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  2. Gavin McInnes Banned FOREVER: ‘My Last 20 Tweets’

    #FreeGavin! Watch the full uncensored episode at CRTV:

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    Gavin and the Proud Boys were just banned from Twitter forever. The Fake News Left claims it has something to do with Unite The Right — despite Gavin disavowing them from day one. He was against Unite the Right before it was cool. In this special, hour-long episode, Gavin explains the real reason behind the banning. His take: It’s part of the Conservative Purge that took out Alex Jones, and it’s meant to prevent Donald Trump from getting re-elected. The catalyst wasn’t racism or violence or their “terms" but a very cool sticker campaign that put 45 realistic Donald Trump stars on Hollywood Blvd. This is all about denying Trump supporters a voice, especially the ones who seem to be having fun.

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  3. 322: Full Stack Crossover with Adam Wathan - ShopTalk


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  4. 323: ACF With Elliot Condon - ShopTalk




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  5. AMA #14 Joseph Goldstein | Sam Harris

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  6. Luke Haines presents: Righteous in the Afternoon Ep.19

    Luke Haines Righteous In The Afternoon Episode 19. Tune in, drop out, enjoy…

    Get it live every Tuesday on Boogaloo Radio from 2-4PM GMT. We are Radio for Rebels.

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  7. “Occult Politics” in the Trump Era | Nikita Petrov & Gary Lachman

    08:46 The rise of "occult politics" in the Trump era 13:32 Pepe the Frog and "willing Trump into office" 17:07 Trickle-down metaphysics from Nietzsche to Trump 28:45 Steve Bannon’s connection to European far-right esoteric philosophy 38:12 "Putin’s Rasputin," Alexander Dugin 50:49 Gary’s new project on the return of "Holy Russia" 1:03:05 Gary’s thoughts on Jordan Peterson

    Nikita Petrov ( and Gary Lachman (Dark Star Rising)

    Recorded July 12, 2018

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  8. #5 - Dr. Jordan Peterson On the Importance of Reading Great Books - Online Great Books

    He is a man who, in this day and age, needs no introduction. Dr. Jordan Peterson joined the Online Great Books podcast to share his thoughts on the Great Books and the importance of our mission to get people to read and discuss the greatest works of literature.

    As Dr. Peterson advises in rule #9 of his 12 Rules for Life, “assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t.” The rule can easily be applied to reading as well as listening. In order to live a good life, that is, to avoid a life of suffering and evil, we must be able to critically think about our world and communicate our thoughts and beliefs to ourselves and others. One of mankind’s unique tools for this kind of work is a capacity for reason. That reason, however, must be earned through study, critical thought, reflection, and discussion. We’re not born with a command of it. Difficult books, like the Western Canon that we keep harping on about, are the portal.

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  9. Does The Alt Right Love Jordan Peterson ?

    We keep hearing from mainstream media sources that the Alt Right loves Jordan Peterson. But do they provide any evidence for this alt right Jordan Peterson connection? Or is it all merely conjecture on their part? Let’s find out if the Alt Right loves Jordan Peterson or if it’s more of an Alt Right vs Jordan Peterson relationship.

    Part 2 (Alt right’s opinion of Jordan Peterson) - 26:27

    (AGE RESTRICTED!) Sargon vs Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer :

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    Jordan Peterson on BBC 5 live :

    Jordan Peterson - Charlottesville and The Role Of The Individual :

    Political correctness: a force for good? A Munk Debate :

    Extended Interview: Jordan Peterson Discusses How The World Shapes His Views | NBC Nightly News :

    Jordan Peterson Obliterates Far LEFTIST Host In a Debate :

    Professor Jordan Peterson Swarmed by Narcissistic SJW Ideologues after UofT Rally :

    How I Feel About Being Called a White Supremacist | H3H3 & Jordan B Peterson :

    Jordan Peterson VICE Interview (FULL) The Missing Parts : http…

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  10. Marcus du Sautoy and James Bridle – books podcast

    On this week’s show, we’re exploring infinity and beyond with artist and writer James Bridle and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy.

    Through his visual art and writings on technology and culture, James Bridle has been at the forefront of our understanding of tech for the last decade – and from his perspective, the view of our future is both exciting and gloomy. He sat down with the Guardian’s technology reporter Alex Hern to talk about his book, New Dark Age.

    Limits are grist to the mill for Marcus du Sautoy, professor of public understanding of science at Oxford University. His mission is to explore – and if possible, explain – the unknown, so following hot on the heels of his bestselling book What We Cannot Know, is How to Count to Infinity. Meeting with Richard Lea at the Hay festival, Du Sautoy explained how a German mathematician first proved the existence of infinity in 1874, and what the concept means for our understanding of the universe.

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