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  1. How To Structure Your Life — A Winning Process For Achieving Your Goals & Building Productive Habits

    Access Full Video + Bonus Resources here: https://www.executiveadvantage.co/resource/structure-formation-how-to-structure-your-life-a-winning-process-for-achieving-your-goals-building-productive-habits

    Today, I want to give you an actual Training module from our flagship Consulting program "Enterprise Elite."

    “Structure Formation: How To Structure Your Life — A Winning Process For Achieving Your Goals & Building Productive Habits"


    In this video, we cover how to structure everything in your life. I help you prioritize the most important things in your life, how to build winning habits, routines, and rituals that you can execute on every single day to ride the wave of cause and effect, and the compounding effect.

    This is what I've learned and distilled down from Billionaires, Super-Star Athletes, and have refined over the past 5 years to achieve year-over-year growth.

    We're going to build the concrete Foundation around your personal and Business life so you’re able to carve out the time, energy and resources necessary to build your empire and take your life to a level you've never seen before.


    • Power Laws & Harnessing It’s Devastating Potential
    • Structuring Routines & Habit-Formation
    • Planning & Preparation: Mastering Your Schedule

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmTJMg7KHCM&list=WL&index=1
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  2. A day in my life | Lex Fridman

    An hour-by-hour breakdown of my daily routine. Support this podcast by supporting our sponsors: - Eight Sleep: https://eightsleep.com/lex - Athletic Greens: https://athleticgreens.com/lex - Public Goods: https://publicgoods.com/lex and use code LEX

    OUTLINE: 0:00 - Morning 1:17 - Mantra 5:22 - Deep Work Session 1 8:07 - Social media and guitar 9:53 - Exercise 13:03 - Shower 16:48 - Deep Work Session 2 19:30 - Eating 25:03 - Shallow Work Session 28:21 - Reading

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m3hGZvD-0s
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