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  1. #FreeBresha, Reparations in Chicago, and Social Movements as Collective Art Making: Mariame Kaba Interview (E17) - HUMORLESS QUEERS

    Humorless Queers speaks to Mariame Kaba (@prisonculture), organizer, educator and curator. We discuss the #FreeBresha campaign, the fight for reparations in Chicago, the #Medicare4all campaign, art in social movements, and “social movements as a form of collective art making.”

    Kaba has worked with young people for over two decades in various capacities (as a teacher, mentor and organizer). In 2009, she founded Project NIA, a grassroots organization with a long term vision of ending youth incarceration. Her work has extended from the classroom, to community-based settings, and to the streets. She currently organizes with Survived and Punished.

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  2. Episode 1: Kristina Marusic on Bi-Erasure & MochaPuff on Racism in Sex Cam Sites

    Our very first episode! We discuss adjunct professors turning to sex work, feminist porn site Bellesa and piracy.

    Interviews with Kristina Marusic (@KristinaSaurusR) about bisexual identity and bi-erasure and MochaPuff (@xMochaPuffx) about blackface and racism on sex cam sites.

    Hosted by Jessie Sage (@sapiotextual) & PJ Sage (@peejsage).

    Thanks to Joe Kennedy for our music.

    Produced by PJ Sage.

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  3. #LitCrank Three - Cats Are Resentful Creatures

    TheLitCritGuy & CrankyEthicist discuss politics, academia, resentment, schadenfreude and more. Features Scout the kitten.

    Reading List: Mountain Goats - No Children: Nietzsche - Genealogy of Morality Emily Bronte - On Cats: Sam Kriss - In DC, With the Minions: Sara Ahmed - Smile!

    Image: Jacques Derrida and his cat, Logos. Photo by Sophie Bassouls/Sygma/Corbis

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  4. #LitCrank Two: The Air Is Different and You Can’t Go Home: On The Uncanny

    #LitCrank Two: @CrankyEthicist and @TheLitCritGuy talk Freud, anxiety, homes and the uncanny.

    (Content Note: Discussions of anxiety and depression and mental health in relation to politics.)

    Reading List: Freud - The Uncanny Heidegger - Being and Time (see index for sections on the Uncanny, read at your own risk) Havi Carel - Phenomenology of Illness Plato - Allegory of the Cave (Republic) Zoé Samudzi - How to Deal (or Not) with your Problematic Family Members this Thanksgiving Kitty Hanna Eden - Depression is an Unlikely Advantage in the Fight against Fascism CrankyEthicist: Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes

    (Image: Sigmund Freud by Max Halberstadt, 1921)

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  5. #LitCrank One - The Pseudo-Psychologized Menace

    TheLitCritGuy & CrankyEthicist discuss psycho-pathology, politics, anti-psychiatry and systemic discrimination.

    Content Note: For(nongraphic)discussions on racist and Islamophobic violence and violence against women.

    Reading List: Sander L Gilman and James M Thomas, Are Racists Crazy? 2016 E Fuller Torrey, American Psychosis, 2014 Lisa Guenther, Solitary Confinement: Social Death and its Afterlives, 2013 Michel Foucault, Madness and Civilization, 1961. Michel Foucault, History of Madness, 1964

    We reference a tweet from conservative MEP Daniel J Hannan - sadly we can't link to it here as, for some reason, the tweet has been deleted.

    Image attribution information: No machine-readable author provided. Profero assumed (based on copyright claims). - No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims). CC BY 2.5,

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