#LitCrank Two: The Air Is Different and You Can’t Go Home: On The Uncanny

#LitCrank Two: @CrankyEthicist and @TheLitCritGuy talk Freud, anxiety, homes and the uncanny.

(Content Note: Discussions of anxiety and depression and mental health in relation to politics.)

Reading List: Freud - The Uncanny Heidegger - Being and Time (see index for sections on the Uncanny, read at your own risk) Havi Carel - Phenomenology of Illness Plato - Allegory of the Cave (Republic) ZoƩ Samudzi - How to Deal (or Not) with your Problematic Family Members this Thanksgiving https://www.bgdblog.org/2016/11/problematic-relatives-thanksgiving/ Kitty Hanna Eden - Depression is an Unlikely Advantage in the Fight against Fascism https://theestablishment.co/depression-is-an-unlikely-advantage-in-the-fight-against-fascism-af52ed5d0e12 CrankyEthicist: https://twitter.com/CrankyEthicist/status/797867170139111424 Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_2lGkEU4Xs

(Image: Sigmund Freud by Max Halberstadt, 1921)