#LitCrank One - The Pseudo-Psychologized Menace

TheLitCritGuy & CrankyEthicist discuss psycho-pathology, politics, anti-psychiatry and systemic discrimination.

Content Note: For(nongraphic)discussions on racist and Islamophobic violence and violence against women.

Reading List: Sander L Gilman and James M Thomas, Are Racists Crazy? 2016 E Fuller Torrey, American Psychosis, 2014 Lisa Guenther, Solitary Confinement: Social Death and its Afterlives, 2013 Michel Foucault, Madness and Civilization, 1961. Michel Foucault, History of Madness, 1964 twitter.com/herb_saint/status/719631563424722944

We reference a tweet from conservative MEP Daniel J Hannan - sadly we can’t link to it here as, for some reason, the tweet has been deleted.

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