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  1. Feeling the Heat - Delete Your Account

    On this episode, Roqayah is out sick but Kumars spoke with Eric Holthaus, a meteorologist who writes about weather and science for a variety of outlets. He’s also the host of the podcast Warm Regards, where scientists, activists, and journalists join Eric to discuss climate change and what to do about it. Eric and Kumars begin by reviewing the relevant science, including the effect of climate change on extreme weather events; resources like land, air and water; and living organisms and ecosystems. We examine proposed political and technological fixes to the crisis, and their inadequacy in dealing with the magnitude of what we face. Finally, we discuss strategies for developing the mass movement that will be required for not only eliminating the use of fossil fuels, but also replacing them with an energy economy that provides for all people, not just the wealthy and powerful.

    Follow Eric on twitter at @EricHolthaus, and follow his podcast at @ourwarmregards.

    Resource on LGBT life in Cuba discussed at the end of the episode:

    Rainbow Solidarity in Defense of Cuba by Leslie Feinberg

    Episode permalink:

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  2. #FreeBresha, Reparations in Chicago, and Social Movements as Collective Art Making: Mariame Kaba Interview (E17) - HUMORLESS QUEERS

    Humorless Queers speaks to Mariame Kaba (@prisonculture), organizer, educator and curator. We discuss the #FreeBresha campaign, the fight for reparations in Chicago, the #Medicare4all campaign, art in social movements, and “social movements as a form of collective art making.”

    Kaba has worked with young people for over two decades in various capacities (as a teacher, mentor and organizer). In 2009, she founded Project NIA, a grassroots organization with a long term vision of ending youth incarceration. Her work has extended from the classroom, to community-based settings, and to the streets. She currently organizes with Survived and Punished.

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  3. Episode 1: Kristina Marusic on Bi-Erasure & MochaPuff on Racism in Sex Cam Sites

    Our very first episode! We discuss adjunct professors turning to sex work, feminist porn site Bellesa and piracy.

    Interviews with Kristina Marusic (@KristinaSaurusR) about bisexual identity and bi-erasure and MochaPuff (@xMochaPuffx) about blackface and racism on sex cam sites.

    Hosted by Jessie Sage (@sapiotextual) & PJ Sage (@peejsage).

    Thanks to Joe Kennedy for our music.

    Produced by PJ Sage.

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  4. #LitCrank Three - Cats Are Resentful Creatures

    TheLitCritGuy & CrankyEthicist discuss politics, academia, resentment, schadenfreude and more. Features Scout the kitten.

    Reading List: Mountain Goats - No Children: Nietzsche - Genealogy of Morality Emily Bronte - On Cats: Sam Kriss - In DC, With the Minions: Sara Ahmed - Smile!

    Image: Jacques Derrida and his cat, Logos. Photo by Sophie Bassouls/Sygma/Corbis

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  5. #LitCrank Two: The Air Is Different and You Can’t Go Home: On The Uncanny

    #LitCrank Two: @CrankyEthicist and @TheLitCritGuy talk Freud, anxiety, homes and the uncanny.

    (Content Note: Discussions of anxiety and depression and mental health in relation to politics.)

    Reading List: Freud - The Uncanny Heidegger - Being and Time (see index for sections on the Uncanny, read at your own risk) Havi Carel - Phenomenology of Illness Plato - Allegory of the Cave (Republic) Zoé Samudzi - How to Deal (or Not) with your Problematic Family Members this Thanksgiving Kitty Hanna Eden - Depression is an Unlikely Advantage in the Fight against Fascism CrankyEthicist: Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes

    (Image: Sigmund Freud by Max Halberstadt, 1921)

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  6. #LitCrank One - The Pseudo-Psychologized Menace

    TheLitCritGuy & CrankyEthicist discuss psycho-pathology, politics, anti-psychiatry and systemic discrimination.

    Content Note: For(nongraphic)discussions on racist and Islamophobic violence and violence against women.

    Reading List: Sander L Gilman and James M Thomas, Are Racists Crazy? 2016 E Fuller Torrey, American Psychosis, 2014 Lisa Guenther, Solitary Confinement: Social Death and its Afterlives, 2013 Michel Foucault, Madness and Civilization, 1961. Michel Foucault, History of Madness, 1964

    We reference a tweet from conservative MEP Daniel J Hannan - sadly we can’t link to it here as, for some reason, the tweet has been deleted.

    Image attribution information: No machine-readable author provided. Profero assumed (based on copyright claims). - No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims). CC BY 2.5,

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