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  1. 025: With Dan Cederholm - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by the legendary Dan Cederholm. Dan is the author of (dare we say) the best books ever written on CSS including Handcrafted CSS, CSS3 for Web Designers, and Bulletproof Web Design. He’s done some very high end client work, founded a few startups, and has done a bunch of speaking. Most notably these days, Dan is the founder and half the team at Dribbble.

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  2. The Pipeline #54: Ethan Marcotte - 5by5

    The Pipeline #54: Ethan Marcotte - 5by5

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  3. The Pipeline #51: Michael Friedman - 5by5

    The Pipeline #51: Michael Friedman - 5by5

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  4. The Pipeline #52: Horace Dediu - 5by5

    The Pipeline #52: Horace Dediu - 5by5

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  5. The Pipeline #50: Ze Frank - 5by5

    The Pipeline #50: Ze Frank - 5by5

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  6. The Daily Edition #26: In App What? - 5by5

    Dan Benjamin is joined by Readability creator and Arc90 founder Rich Ziade to discuss subscriptions and Apple’s new In-App Purchase requirements, and how it affects application developers and the larger app landscape and ecosystem.

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  7. The Pipeline #43: Mike Monteiro - 5by5

    The Pipeline #43: Mike Monteiro - 5by5

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  8. ‘The Social Network’ Producer Dana Brunetti

    He may not be the biggest Hollywood name behind The Social Network, but without his relationship with author Ben Mezrich Hollywood may not have made this

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  9. The Big Web Show: Responsive Web Design

    Dan and Jeffrey talk with guest Ethan Ethan Marcotte (bio | blog | Twitter), co-author of Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition, and Handcrafted CSS: More Bulletproof Web Design. Topics include designing and coding for the likes of the Sundance Film Festival and New York Magazine, and the joys of responsive web design, working remotely, and more.

    Ethan Marcotte is a web designer and developer from Cambridge, Masschusetts who works for Happy Cog as an Interactive Design Director.

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  10. The Big Web Show 3: Re-invent Yourself | 5 by 5

    Melissa Pierce’s film, Life in Perpetual Beta asks the question, “is the planned life worth living?” and sketches an answer via interviews with the likes of Baratunde Thuston, Irina Slutsky, and Biz Stone. Watch us turn the tables on the interviewer (now our interviewee) to find out how a homemaker with no filmmaking experience became the darling of the Chicago Independent Film Festival.

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