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[EDIT: Since I first published this video, I have changed the fiction of my new edition to Puerto Rico: 1897. I want to be clear that this version has nothing to say about the American occupation that began in 1898. In 1897, Puerto Ricans had won autonomy from Spain and were ready to embark upon a new course for the island. I am not changing the video at all since, well, it's already out there. But I did want to note that I am continuing to evolve this idea. You will hear more about it at some point.]

In my third and (for now) final video on slavery and colonialism in board games, I present a thought experiment. I briefly reevaluate the colonial theme of Puerto Rico, then offer a new vision - Puerto Rico 1898. I preserve the same exact awesome mechanisms of the core game, but within a setting that centers local Puerto Rican culture with an international flair. I hope this video helps to chart a path forward so that we can enjoy more games, not less.


0:00 Intro 4:55 The issues with Puerto Rico 9:44 A bit of historical background 16:27 Puerto Rico 1898 29:22 Notes for the future

Sources - -Puerto Ricans in the Empire: Tobacco Growers and U.S. Colonialism by Teresita Levy. https://www.rutgersuniversitypress.org/puerto-ricans-in-the-empire/9780813571348 -"Slave Play, or the Imperial Log…

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iArLXVNbgzc&t=26s
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