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CEO of Webanta Inc., provider of a hosted CMS for web designers. Dedicated to making the web a better place, and the lives of designers more productive and relieved of technical hassles.

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  1. [Podcast] Episode #7: Ryan Singer on the 37signals design process

    "Ryan Singer, who manages 37signals’ products and leads the design team, talks about the company’s design process. He discusses how the design team works with each other and collaborates with programmers. He gives advice to other design/development teams on how to work together smoothly. …"

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  2. Web Designer Podcast Episode 10

    Mark and Steve share opinion and comment on the iPad, facebook and the schoolboy squabblings of Apple and Adobe. Plus, Steve reveals his Design Tip of the Month (you will have to listen to find out) and Mark unveils his latest Site Picks. Special guest for episode 10 is self-styled web goddess Sarah Parmenter.

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  3. CSS3 Design with HTML5

    As HTML5 and CSS3 gets written, browser vendors are already incorporating their new features allowing for greater design and functionality. However, some major browsers haven’t. How should developers build for a constantly moving target? This panel discusses dealing with those older browsers and embracing new Web design technologies with practical HTML5 and CSS3 demonstrations.


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  4. The Big Web Show: Responsive Web Design

    Dan and Jeffrey talk with guest Ethan Ethan Marcotte (bio | blog | Twitter), co-author of Designing With Web Standards 3rd Edition, and Handcrafted CSS: More Bulletproof Web Design. Topics include designing and coding for the likes of the Sundance Film Festival and New York Magazine, and the joys of responsive web design, working remotely, and more.

    Ethan Marcotte is a web designer and developer from Cambridge, Masschusetts who works for Happy Cog as an Interactive Design Director.

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    This week Ralph Whitbeck and Rey Bango talked with jQuery Developer Relations team member, Remy Sharp. We had an awesome long conversation with Remy. We’ve broke up his interview into three episodes. In this first episode we talk with Remy about, a quick and easy way to test javascript with html and be able to share and refine with others.

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