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  1. Lullabot Front-End Roundtable… Err…Triangle | Lullabot

    Mike and Matt talk about the intricacies of front-end development with two of Lullabot’s front-end developers, Marc Drummond and Wes Ruvalcaba.

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  2. Web Accessibility in 2017 | Lullabot

    Matt and Mike talk with several Lullabot accessibility experts as well as Drupal 8 accessibility co-maintainer Mike Gifford about accessibility topics, tools, and more.

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  3. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 184, With Special Guest Merlin Mann

    The Talk Show

    ‘Hubbo Is in Decline’, With Special Guest Merlin Mann

    Tuesday, 21 March 2017

    The one and only Merlin Mann returns to the show. Topics include modern plumbing technology and product marketing, the intricate ordeal of switching from iCloud’s old two-step authentication to the modern two-factor authentication, and the future of voice-driven UI/AI. Also, a wee bit of follow-up on our post-election November 9 Holiday Party.

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    Sponsored by:

    Eero: Finally, Wi-Fi, that works.

    Away: High quality luggage with built-in USB chargers. Save $20 with promo code talkshow.

    Fracture: Now through the end of March, save 20% on Fracture prints with promo code CLEAN. Order now for Mothers Day.

    Warby Parker: Boutique-quality, vintage-inspired glasses at a revolutionary price. Try up to five pairs at home for free.


    American Standard VorMax anti-splatter flush technology.


    “Skid Marks”.

    Halfway through this one they flush something soft and brown.

    Michael Heilemann: “When did Siri figure out to not activate two iCloud connected devices with ‘Hey Siri’ at the same time?”

    My YouTube video showing how best to remove AirPods from their case.

    Do By Friday: Excellent new(ish) podcast hosted by Merlin, Alex Cox, and Max Temkin, whose names have an average of one “x” per host.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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  4. Upgrade #122: The 2016 Upgradies - Relay FM

    Once again, Myke and Jason pick their favorite products of the year! But this year, they are aided in their pursuit of excellent by the votes of you, the loyal Upgradians.

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  5. What I believe but cannot say - I Will Teach You To Be Rich

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  6. Nicholas Monsour on Editing Keanu

    Gordon sits down with Nicholas Monsour to discuss the editing of Keanu. They talk about the films timing and how tone shifts affect the editing in a comedy.

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  7. DrupalCon New Orleans Wrap–up | Lullabot

    Matt & Mike talk with a gaggle of Lullabots about their experiences at DrupalCon New Orleans.

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  8. THE INSIDE OUT STORY podcast » Blog Archive » ThE INSIDE OUT STORY PODCAST - Ep. 6


    April 29, 2016

    Author and story guru, Pamela Douglas discusses storytelling, scriptwriting, and life


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  9. Stewart Lee on standup comedy and music – the Guardian Radio Hour podcast | Music | The Guardian

    Stewart Lee joins us for a cruise through the alternative comedy scene in the 80s and the bands that helped soundtrack it

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  10. Unjustly Maligned | “R.E.M., early” with Merlin Mann (Episode 48)


    “R.E.M., early” with Merlin Mann

    On a day that shouldn’t exist comes a podcast equally paradoxical. Merlin Mann joins Antony to sit still, garden at night, and talk about the passion of rock band R.E.M.’s early work.

    February 29, 2016

    1 hour, 12 minutes

    • Music

    Antony Johnston

    with Merlin Mann


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    "R.E.M., early" with Merlin Mann

    On a day that shouldn’t exist comes a podcast equally paradoxical. Merlin Mann joins Antony to sit still, garden at night, and talk about the passion of rock band R.E.M.’s early work.

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