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  1. The Issue Is: Mayor-Elect Karen Bass & America’s Top Pundits at USC

    For the first time since we won the L.A. Mayor's race, we sit down with Karen Bass to discuss what's next.

    We also talk about the big takeaways from the midterm election at the USC Warschaw Conference with top pundits James Carville, Reince Priebus, Bob Shrum, Mike Murphy, Jon Favreau, and Barbara Boxer.

    "The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson" is California's statewide political show. Watch full episodes at

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  2. Download - Podding Is Winning 1.11: We Have Taken a Turn Into the Surreal | Podbean

    Iowa is somehow, miraculously, one win away from a second consecutive Big Ten West championship.  Given where the program — and this podcast — were four weeks ago, it's beyond comprehension.  With just three days left in the regular season, we're trying to make sense of it all and gameplan the future of Iowa Football in the aftermath.

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  3. Casey Liss - it’s not a real jobby job | Minus Sixteen podcast

    This time on Minus Sixteen we have podcaster, and app developer, Casey Liss joining us. We find out what it takes to develop an app, and we also talk about the hugely successful podcast - Accidental Tech Podcast.

    You can send any donations to support the Children's cancer charity St Jude here:

    Follow Casey on Twitter

    Check out his website

    Accidental Tech Podcast

    Links to apps and podcasts Forecast - CGP Grey - and you can find his video explaining the Uk here

    00:00 Intro 01:30 Casey as a kid 04:00 Casey & his degree - was it useful? 06:30 Life as a commercial iOS app developer 11:30 How an app starts life 15:30 MaskerAid app in development 18:00 Beta testing 21:00 Making a living as an app developer 23:20 Casey as a podcaster 24:50:When the ATP …

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