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  1. Download The Gist - For 2020, Steve King Is Dead Weight | Podbean

    On The Gist, BuzzFeed’s new report on Trump.  Earlier this week Rep. Steve King was denounced by much of his party because of remarks he gave to the New York Times about white supremacy. He may have misspoken or chosen to change his wording if given the chance, but according to the Storm Lake Times’ Art Cullen, who has been covering King for years in Iowa and recently wrote about King in the Guardian, that’s just not his style. But his straight talk won’t work in Iowa if it’s riddled with dishonesty. Art Cullen is here to discuss. In the Spiel, feeding the anger machine. This episode is brought to you by Doctors Without Borders. Donate today at more about your ad choices. Visit

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  2. Aaron Sorkin, a Potential Rams-Pats Sequel, Kyrie’s Leadership, and Million Dollar NFL Picks With Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 470)

    HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to discuss Kyrie Irving’s leadership and recent criticism of the Boston Celtics, and Bill’s million dollar bets for the NFL conference championships (2:20). Then, Bill sits down with legendary screenwriter, director, and playwright Aaron Sorkin to discuss his unique writing origins and some of his most famous work, including ‘A Few Good Men,’ ‘The West Wing,’ ‘Sports Night,’ ‘The Social Network,’ his new play on Broadway, and more (55:00).

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  3. Andy Samberg (Podcast Exclusive)

    In an exclusive conversation backstage at Studio 8G, Seth Meyers talks to his longtime friend Andy Samberg about hosting the Golden Globes, their favorite bad movies and lots of memories about working on "Saturday Night Live" together.

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  4. The Oscars Race, ‘Anchorman,’ ‘SNL,’ ‘Step Brothers,’ and ‘Vice’ With Adam McKay and Sean Fennessey - The Ringer

    Sean Fennessey joins Bill to discuss the Golden Globes and the Oscars race, then the ‘Vice’ director and screenwriter sits down to talk about his latest film, working with Will Ferrell, and much more

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  5. Longform Podcast #325: Lizzie Johnson · Longform

    Lizzie Johnson covers wildfires for the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s kind of like when you’re a beginning journalist and you have to write an obituary—calling the family of the person who died seems like this insurmountable, very invasive task and you

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  6. Why the “Fakakta Shutdown” is slowing tech regulation even further

    Welcome back to Pivot! It’s 2019 — will this be the year that 2016 finally ends? Probably not. This week, Kara brings on guest host Jon Lovett (Pod Save America) to talk about the government shut down, the new Congress and how it all might shake out for big tech. Scott Galloway is out this week, so Kara and Jon talk about Nancy Pelosi being elected to Speaker of the House. They tackle issues of sexism in politics and the new class of women joining the House. They speculate whether tech regulations will actually be a big issue in the 2020 election cycle. Speaking of 2020 elections, they talk about Elizabeth Warren entering the race for Presidency. Kara recalls how much men disliked her at a previous Code Conference. And, like everyone else, Kara and Jon talk about Bird Box and how Netflix tricked us all into watching.

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  7. The craziest Obamacare lawsuit yet

    Sarah, Ezra, and Matt talk about Obamacare (again!), waning democratic legitimacy, and why retaking the SAT drives class and racial gaps in college enrollment.

    References and further reading:

    Josh Blackman’s piece on the ACA lawsuit

    Amicus brief from the pro- and anti-ACA law professors

    Katie Keith’s article on oral arguments

    John Harris’s piece on the ruthlessness of the Republican Party

    David Farris’s book on fighting dirty

    Jennifer Victor’s pinned tweet on the meaning of democracy

    A white paper on how retaking the SAT affects college admissions

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  8. S3E17: Mourinho Out & Special Guest: DaMarcus Beasley

    Kyle Martino dives in on Jose Mourinho and Manchester United parting ways and what happens next for the Special One and United (0:45). Plus, an amazing interview with DaMarcus Beasley starting with how he got his start in soccer, the experience he gained playing with the Chicago Fire as an 18-year-old, how he coped with the racism he faced while playing in Europe and what it’s like to have Kyle as a roommate (28:00).

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  9. Mac Power Users #462: Return to the Snell Zone - Relay FM

    Jason Snell returns to tell us about his iMac Pro, how he uses his Mac mini, Jason’s move towards iOS, being an avid reader, making time for it all, and a few of his favorite picks.

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  10. The Trump Scheme to Rig the Census with Dale Ho

    In many cases the Trump Administration isn’t shy when it comes to undermining the Constitution of the United States. But while fights over things like the Muslim ban or ending birthright citizenship play out in public, there are other massive Constitutional erosions happening under the radar.

    This is the story of how Wilbur Ross and the Trump Administration went about trying to change the way people in America are counted and how they got caught lying about it. Dale Ho is the director of the Voting Rights Project for the ACLU. He caught the Trump Administration in a big lie about the way it intends to execute the 2020 census. Listen to Dale Ho describe what they found, why they’re suing, and why the results of his case could change the way Democracy in America functions. 

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