The Magic of John Williams #45 – Anne-Sophie Mutter | The IndyCast

0:00:00 Opening 0:00:45 Donnybrook Farm (excerpt) 0:04:38 Interview with Ms. Mutter 0:41:45 Princess Leia’s Theme (excerpt) 0:45:18 Markings (excerpt) 0:52:13 Chairman’s Dance (excerpt) 1:05:05 Yoda’s Theme 1:08:35 Night Journeys from Dracula 1:14:10 Nice to Have Around from Cinderella Liberty 1:17:59 Surprise bonus goodies! 1:31:55 End of show

Across the Stars CD (regular edition) on Amazon Across the Stars CD (deluxe edition) on Amazon Markings & Remembrances Limited Edition 10" LP Listen to the Across the Stars tracks on YouTube (The album is also available pretty much everywhere, so search your favorite players and storefronts) Anne-Sophie Mutter official website

Deutsche Grammophon, record label for Ms. Mutter and Across the Stars

Anne-Sophie Mutter and John Williams on NPR with Tim Greiving (article and audio link)


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