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  1. S3 E2: Exploring the Mysteries of Smart Homes

    Lucy, Bec and Harriet are back for the new series of The DesignSpark Podcast. In this episode they’re exploring smart homes. Get ready for tech with a comedy twist.


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  2. Energy efficiency: how does your house rate? - Background Briefing - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Want to avoid big power bills in your next home? The federal government wants all homes for sale or rent to have an energy efficiency rating. We already rate new homes, and the system is weeding out some power guzzling designs. But there are major flaws as well. Some super efficient designs don’t rate—and some six star homes are still substandard. So how do you find an energy efficient home?  Reporter: Di Martin 


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  3. Swap Your Homes with Luxury Beachfront Apartment at Barbados, South Coast

    Rainbow Coral is one of 15 newly built luxury apartments, on the fourth floor of a 5 storey block, on the up and coming cool and breezy south coast of Barbados.

    The apartment, accessed directly by elevator from the basement parking area, overlooks the communal garden and pool area , as well as the beach, from its large balcony.

    The apartment is spacious ( 1320 sq ft), and comprises two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and dressing room, full size kitchen, living room and porch with dining and sitting areas , and has been fully equipped to the highest standard. There are ceiling fans as well as air conditioning units in all rooms, if required, although most of the year there is a steady cool breeeze coming in off the sea.

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  4. 200 - The State of Paper in American Homes - Organize 365 Podcast: Home organization |Paper management | Productivity | Professional Organizer Lisa Woodruff | Sunday Basket

    The State Of Paper In American Homes

    This week’s podcast episode is number 200.

    200 episodes. Can you believe it?!

    As if that wasn’t exciting enough, last week the Organize 365 podcast surpassed 2 million downloads!

    Thanks to each and every…


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  5. AARP Sues To Stop Illegal Evictions From Nursing Homes : Shots - Health News : NPR

    Gloria and Bill Single lived together in a nursing home until she was evicted without warning. Complaints about illegal evictions from nursing homes are up 73 percent in California since 2011.


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  6. Funeral Homes and COVID-19

    Most people won’t talk about this, but with all of the deaths from COVID-19 - how are our backlink funeral home workers doing? Find out here!

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