Third Paradigm: 3P-061 Wossamotta U

This show examines the university as the self-perpetuating goal of education. Reviews the NY Times article "Placing the Blame as Students Are Mired in Debt," the Washington Examiner article, "Higher Education’s Bubble is About to Burst," and the book by Anya Kamenetz, DIY U. Cites statistics on drop-out rates, the cost/benefit ratio, and a jaundiced look at college from "The Economics of Education and the Education of an Economist."

Reads the poems "When the Shoe Fits" by Chuang Tsu and "Straight Talk from Fox" by Mary Oliver. Reconsiders some conclusions from a survey showing Republicans are happier than Democrats. Questions whether Obama has been groomed for the job, in the same way as economic hit men.

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