Third Paradigm: 3P-038 Don’t Make Me Hit You: The Rationalization of Violence

Discusses the blaming of Zelaya, the Honduran President, for the violent acts of the coup regime. Looks at US and Canadian corporate interests in Honduras, such as Fruit of the Loom, Russell, Hanes, Gap, Gildan, Adidas, Nike, Dole, and Chaquita, and their response to Zelaya’s 60% raise of the minimum wage. Role-reverses Hilary Clinton and Mel Zelaya.

Reads a poem called Feminicide/Fimicidio by Demetrice Anntia Worley, about the disappearances of women and girls in Cuidad, Juarez, from the Split This Rock contest sponsored by Foreign Policy in Focus. Plays the Spanish version of They Dance Alone, about the disappearances of men and boys by Pinochet, performed by Sting and Peter Gabriel in Argentina in 1998. Analyzes the question of whether morality is relative in terms of torture, terrorism, or killing, contrasting the zealots and the Q’uran to the Ten Commandments. Plays Torture is Wrong or We Can Do Better Than This by David Ippolito. Looks at military recruiting and the falsehoods and artificial choices presented to HS seniors.

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