Third Paradigm: 3P-025 Was the Constitution an Act of Treason?

Reviews the context in which the Articles of Confederation were replaced with the Constitution - how it was done and who benefited. Presents the warnings of the "anti Federalists:" Patrick Henry, Brutus, and Federalist Farmer. Makes a case that the "Founding Fathers" destroyed the people’s government in order to perpetuate slavery, extort taxes in gold and gain possession of citizens’ land.

Reads the poem "Earth Your Dancing Place" by May Swensen. Reports on the sovereignty news: Dow Chemical’s NAFTA suit against Quebec for banning lawn pesticides, Zaproot’s videoblog, "Who Owns the Rain?" Brasscheck TV’s "Facts to counter swine flu hysteria," and’s "A food system that kills: swine flu is the meat industry’s latest plague."

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