Third Paradigm: 3P-024 We Interrupt This Commercial

Looks at a book called The Soap Opera Paradigm: Television Programming and Corporate Priorities. In particular, examines the idealism of radio and TV in their youth, before the seeds of commercialism took over. Shows how the soap style has been adopted by sports, prime-time, reality shows, disaster coverage, and especially news broadcasting.

Reads In Praise of the Earth by John O’Donohue to the music of Evolution by Cinematic Orchestra. Comments on healthcare as a human right, and proposes an alternative model. Ties in newborn chicks to Naomi Klein’s article, "Brain Bubbles and Hope Hangovers." Plays "Had a Dream" by Bird York, Mat Weddle’s acoustic cover of the Outkast song, "Hey Ya," popularized by Scrubs, and "Words Can Save Us" by Chumbawumba.

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