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I am a K-12 educator from Melbourne, Australia, supporting the integration of technology and innovation.

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  1. Extinction Rebellion? George Monbiot on the Politics of Climate Change | Novara Media

    On #NovaraFM, James Butler is joined by George Monbiot to discuss the launch of Extinction Rebellion, and the politics of the climate movement.

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  2. Loose Learners Episode 13 Gifs Again

    Loose Learners Episode 13 Gifs Again Mariana Funes and John talk about Gifs Again

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  3. πŸŽ™οΈ Read Write Microcast #015 – Co-Learning Spaces | Read Write Collect


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  4. An Indieweb Podcast: Episode 9 30 Days of Indieweb

    The upcoming IndieWebCamp NYC, Micropub plugin enhancements and a media endpoint for WordPress, rel="alternate" solutions, Facebook API turning off, Ditchbook, Greg McVerry IndieWeb class edu522

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  5. Glen Finlas – walkcast | experimental microcast. I recorded this on a walk last week using the iPhone audio memos app. Just kept a memo open and recorded fragments on the go. Unfortunately at some point I hit done and when I added more, without looking, I recorded over the start.

    On editing in ferrite the app crashed everytime. So I switched to Hokusai 2 cut the start pasted it to the end and then levelled in Auphonic. Finally back in Ferrite I added the intro (recorded in Ferrite and run through Auphonic).

    This if far too complicated. I also need a dead cat from the phone to cut down on wind noise.

    Like this:Like Loading…

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  6. 001: Hello World!

    In this inaugural episode of Reclaim Today we go full meta and discuss why we’re starting this and what we hope to get out of it.

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Thu, 26 Jul 2018 20:48:54 GMT Available for 30 days after download


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  7. An Indieweb Podcast: Episode 8 – Interflux | David Shanske

    In this episode, Chris and I recap our takeaways and stories from the Indieweb Summit 2018 last month in Portland, Oregon, discuss Microsub, Vouch, and other ideas. Vouch Brainstorming on Implementing Vouch, Following, and Blogrolls – David Shanske Refbacks The Year of the Reader Granary Microsub…

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  8. 🎀 Microcast #014 – Happiness – Read Write Collect

    A reflection on the question as to what makes me happy. An interesting question in regards to stoicism.

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  9. Microcast #013 – Cars, Data and AdTech – Read Write Collect

    A reflection on looking at cars and sharing data.

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  10. Microcast #012 – Does Space Matter to Learning? – Read Write Collect

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