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  1. Jill Lepore on How a Pandemic Ends | The New Yorker

    A historian revisits a stay-at-home campaign from the polio years, and three mayors discuss the challenges of ending the lockdown. Plus, Jia Tolentino talks with Perfume Genius.

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  2. Microcast #080 – Redecentralize and MozFest | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

    A microcast about my experiences at two events last weekend.

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  3. Talking corruption, technology, empiricism and fairness with the Bitcoin Podcast / Boing Boing

    I’m something of a Bitcoin skeptic; although I embrace the ideals of decentralization and privacy, I am concerned about the environmental, technological and social details of Bitcoin. It was for that reason that I was delighted to spend a good long time chatting with the hosts of the Bitcoin Podcast (MP3), digging into our points…

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  4. Microcast #078 — Values-based organisations | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

    This microcast covers ethics in decision-making for technology companies and (related!) some recent purchases I’ve made.

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  5. Podcast: Interoperability and Privacy: Squaring the Circle / Boing Boing

    In my latest podcast (MP3), I read my essay "Interoperability and Privacy: Squaring the Circle, published today on EFF’s Deeplinks; it’s another in the series of "adversarial interoperability" explainers, this one focused on how privacy and adversarial interoperability relate to each other. Even if we do manage to impose interoperability on Facebook in ways that…

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  6. Podcast: “IBM PC Compatible”: how adversarial interoperability saved PCs from monopolization / Boing Boing

    In my latest podcast (MP3), I read my essay "IBM PC Compatible": how adversarial interoperability saved PCs from monopolization, published today on EFF’s Deeplinks; it’s another installment in my series about "adversarial interoperability," and the role it has historically played in keeping tech open and competitive. This time, I relate the origin story of the…

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  7. An IndieWeb Podcast: Episode 6 WordPress and Types of Posts

    In this episode, David Shanske and Chris Aldrich discuss how the Post Kinds plugin mapped IndieWeb types of posts to WordPress and why, the defined as opposed to implied types set up, and avatars. While the conversation is WordPress-centric, there are a lot of discussions here relevant to a broader IndieWeb audience about adding new types of posts to your site, trying to design things flexibly (although a developer’s guide is probably needed), etc.

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  8. An IndieWeb Podcast: Episode 5 “Indieweb Summit and More”

    With the IndieWeb Summit coming up at the end of June in Portland, David Shanske and I discuss it, participation, and other parts of the IndieWeb community.

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  9. Adactio: Articles—A

    The opening keynote from the inaugural HTML Special held before CSS Day 2016 in Amsterdam.

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  10. Download The Long View on Education Podcast - What should give educators pause in 2018? | Podbean

    I sent out a call on my blog for thoughts about the importance of pausing and taking the time to pause in 2018. You will hear from Ximena, Kay Sidebottom, David Webster, Phil Wood, Deborah Netolicky, Jelmer Evers, Aaron Davis, and Alan Levine. 

    The CC guitar music comes from Javolenus.

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