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  1. The wonderful You Must Remember This podcast returns to tell the secret history of Disney’s most racist movie, Song of the South / Boing Boing

    Song of the South is one of the most obscure and most popular of all the Disney movies: despite the fact that Disney has not made it available for a generation, the movie is the basis for the "Splash Mountain" flume rides at the Disney parks, and the movie’s theme, "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" remains a familiar anthem.…

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  2. Talking corruption, technology, empiricism and fairness with the Bitcoin Podcast / Boing Boing

    I’m something of a Bitcoin skeptic; although I embrace the ideals of decentralization and privacy, I am concerned about the environmental, technological and social details of Bitcoin. It was for that reason that I was delighted to spend a good long time chatting with the hosts of the Bitcoin Podcast (MP3), digging into our points…

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  3. Podcast: Barlow’s Legacy / Boing Boing

    Even though I’m at Burning Man, I’ve snuck out an extra scheduled podcast episode (MP3): Barlow’s Legacy is my contribution to the Duke Law and Tech Review’s special edition, THE PAST AND FUTURE OF THE INTERNET: Symposium for John Perry Barlow: “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”1…

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  4. Stephen Wolfram recounts the entire history of mathematics in 90 minutes / Boing Boing

    Stephen Wolfram’s podcast features a 90-minute lecture that he delivered at the 2019 Wolfram Summer School (MP3), recapitulating the history of mathematics from prehistory to the present day. This is a fascinating lecture, and it also epitomizes Wolfram in that it is a magnificent feat that would have benefited immensely from editorial reflection. Wolfram announces…

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  5. Podcast number 300: “Adversarial Interoperability: Reviving an Elegant Weapon From a More Civilized Age to Slay Today’s Monopolies” / Boing Boing

    I just published the 300th installment of my podcast, which has been going since 2006 (!); I present a reading of my EFF Deeplinks essay Adversarial Interoperability: Reviving an Elegant Weapon From a More Civilized Age to Slay Today’s Monopolies, where I introduce the idea of "Adversarial Interoperability," which allows users and toolsmiths to push…

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