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  1. From Enron to Saudi Arabia, from Rikers Island to ICE’s gulag, how McKinsey serves as “Capitalism’s Consigliere” / Boing Boing

    On this week’s Intercepted podcast (MP3) (previously), host Jeremy Scahill (previously) takes a long, deep look at the history of McKinsey and Company, whose consultants are the architects of ICE’s gulags, a failed, high-cost initiative to curb violence at Rikers Island that used falsified data to secure ongoing funding — a company whose internal documents…

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  2. Audio: My armchair analysis of Automattic acquiring Tumblr – Colin Devroe

    Date recorded: August 19, 2019

    Yesterday while driving (sorry for the audio quality) I recorded a quick audio bit to distill my thoughts on why Automattic acquired Tumblr.

    Short-version: Automattic sees Tumblr as an entry point for new customers – especially youth. For someone to go from idea to full commerce or publishing success via’s current offering could seem cumbersome and not nearly as hip as Tumblr.

    Listen to the audio bit for more details. We’ll see if I’m right in 5 years.

    Links relevant to this audio bit:

    My first post about the acquisitionMatt Mullenweg on The VergecastMarco Arment, “post-show” on ATP, re: the acquisition

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