vinylcast #22: INXS’s Kick – bavaradio

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  1. vinylcast #25: Depeche Mode’s Master & Servant (U.S. Black & Blue Version) – bavaradio

    Rowan Peter came on the radio blasting some Depeche Mode through the microphone lo-fi style, so I offered to play him some vinyl. He obliged, but he is a hippie that wants more talk than music, where I am trying to legitimize this radio <span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://immhpnclomdloikkpcefncmfgjbkojmh/emoji-data/sheetapple32.png);background-position:61.98589894242068% 87.95534665099882%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f642"></span></span>

    I bought this album in Virginia a few years back at Fat Kat Records when they were still around. It is a 12″ 45 with 3 songs, all re-mixes. Master & Servant is 8 minutes, and kind of interesting, but the 3rd remix on side 2 Are people people? Is really wild. Definitely a bizarre mix that makes the original almost unrecognizable.

    it was a fun, quick cast, and I chatted a bit at the end.

    An impromptu #vinylcast on#ds106radio for @rowan_peter featuring 3 songs off a Master and Servant 12” 45 from Depech Mode: US Black & Blue Version,m. Picked up at Fat Kat Records in VA for $8.99 a few years back. Listen here:— Jim Groom (@jimgroom) April 17, 2020Scenes from an impromptu #vinylcast on #ds106radio— Jim Groom (@jimgroom) April 17, 2020Master and Servant 12″ US Black & Blue Version

    Rotations on #ds106radio Are people people?— Jim Groom (@jimgroom) April 17, 2020

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  2. INXS - Need U Tonight

    Prepare to have your blind mown. It’s a track-by-track walk through the brilliance of INXS’s "Need U Tonight". This feature runs on 95.5 KLOS in Los Angeles on the Frosty, Heidi, & Frank Morning Show. Streamable on the web @ Enjoy!

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  3. AOR Disco February Mix by dj ShmeeJay

    Olof Jarvegren aka dj ShmeeJay returns with his second exclusive mix for us - and this time he moves away from the bluesy rock of his excellent December mix and goes instead for slick and decadent reinventions of FM radio classics from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

    The Bee Gees - Night Fever (LUXXURY’s Travolta Edit) The Eagles - King Of Hollywood (Buzz Compass Edit) Steve Winwood - Night Train (Leo Zero Edit) Mr. Mister - Broken Wings (Dunkan Disco filter edit) Jan Hammer Group - Don’t You Know (Jimi Bazzouka’s Don’t Hammer Edit) Steely Dan - The Fez (Laura Ingalls WTF Is A Fez Edit) Hot Chocolate - Emma (Get Down In Swingtown Remix) Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane (Mojo Filter Re-Love) The Who - Eminence Front (Sloppy Seconds Edit) INXS - New Sensation (Lazy Kiss Edit) Ace Frehley - New York Groove (Smart Edit) Bruce Springsteen - I’m On Fire (Space Duke edit)


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  4. #domains17 – MBFWL | Network Effects

    Justing getting back home to the shores of the North Atlantic and wanted to be sure & make some notes before too much time passes.

    This gathering was a brilliantly organized node hosting a large portion of my favourite people & practitioners – pro-d$ or funding be damned, I was determined to be there and was not disappointed.

    So many great memories:

    Witnessed a brilliant keynote from Martha Burtis – thoughtful as always with insights and provocations to consider and rise to the significant challenges we face as educators in online spaces.  Read her transcript and listen to the recording of her keynote w/ questions from the floor as heard on #ds106radio the strong mojo going on at Muhlenberg College.  Tim Clarke is a model academic librarian bringing passion, drive, and passion to bear in his work.  Not only was his Domains Fair table on point, but the zine I got at his table revealed I won a prize! I won all the fixings needed to create a LibraryBox or Piratebox + more.  Most definitely going to flex the gear and write about it.  Muhlenberg also raised the stakes with Lora Taub-Pervizpour and Jordan Noyes with #domainsresist and their great work with  Big fav among the SSCommons is the Street Art Graphics collection.

    Talked #webaudioapi and Javascript with Tom and Brian and got a chance to bring 10 people to a synced Euro Trash jam with their mobile devices using Ableton Link.

    You should not be surprised that @grantpotter is rocking out at #domains17 — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) June 5, 2017

    Finally got an opportunity to meet John Udell and hear him talk web annotation spec and application.

    I’m a tabletop gamer from wayback, so Keegan’s great work with caught my interest and attention.  So much potential and value in role playing games in education yet to be tapped and was really happy to see Keegan doing great work with it.


    The Moodle Fighters (side project of @Deadmoocmen and @BlackboardSabbath members) via Luke Waltzer (@lwaltzer) June 7, 2017

    Heard Tom Woodward preach the gospel of and his SubGenius-inspired #wordpress mojo

    Hung out with Scott Robarts & talked ideas for WordPress and in British Columbia

    Gathered great #crypto resources from Jonathan Poritz – textbook and reading.

    Met Tim Klapdor and learning more about the Charles Sturt online learning model.

    Huge props to the ReclaimHosting folks for a fantastic job gathering this group of educators, designers, and technicians to share work, ideas, and visions of better futures.


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