Microcast #012 – Does Space Matter to Learning? – Read Write Collect

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  1. Read Write Microcast #001 – Weeping Willows

    My first attempt at a Microcast. A short reflection on the alternatives to social media. https://collect.readwriterespond.com/microcast-001/


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  2. Microcast #001 | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel


    The three things you need to make friends over the age of 30


    Issue #294: Snowmaggedon ❄️



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  3. 🎙️ Microcast #009 – Thinking Small – Read Write Collect

    This microcast is my response to the pop-up MOOC, Engagement in a Time of Polarization, currently running. I have been following proceedings, but have struggled to contribute. After trying to write a more comprehensive reflection, but not knowing where to start, I decided to ‘think small’ and just share a short microcast. For so long I thought ‘engagement’ involved measuring the number of tweets etc, but I have come to respect lurking more and more as a legitimate (in)action.



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  4. 🎙️ Read Write Microcast #015 – Co-Learning Spaces | Read Write Collect



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  5. A microcast about microcasts

    I’ve wanted to create a podcast for a long time, but the effort involved just seemed like too much. So using my own website, I thought I’d see what I could come


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  6. 🎙 Microcast #010 – Technology, Systems and School Ovals – Read Write Collect

    A reflection on what we define as ‘edtech’ https://collect.readwriterespond.com/microcast-010/

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  7. 🎙️ Read Write Microcast #006 – Wild Goose Chase – Read Write Collect

    Can you remember the route by which you came to use Twitter to support your professional learning?

    In a recent response to Ian Guest, I spoke about a beginning to getting onto Twitter. After reading Ian’s reply, I realised I may have been ignoring the wild goose chase …



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  8. Read Write Microcast #008 – Limits of Automation – Read Write Collect

    Confident – the connecting of the dots and capitalising on different possibilities.

    Essential Elements of Digital Literacies

    In this microcast, I reflect on automating technology and wonder if there is a limit to how far we should go.

    Further reading:

    When Automation Goes Awry



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  9. Read Write Microcast #004 – Cost of Convenience – Read Write Collect



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  10. Microcast #080 – Redecentralize and MozFest | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

    A microcast about my experiences at two events last weekend.


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