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I am a K-12 educator from Melbourne, Australia, supporting the integration of technology and innovation.

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  1. Kevin Rudd on Xi Jinping’s worldview

    This week on Sinica, Kaiser speaks with the Honorable Kevin Rudd, the 26th prime minister of Australia and the inaugural president of the Asia Society Policy Institute. He is also a doctoral student at Jesus College, University of Oxford, who, through his studies, hopes to provide an explanation as to how Xi Jinping constructs his worldview. Mr. Rudd elaborates on the extent to which the Chinese government’s worldview has changed, the current direction of that worldview, and how much of that can be owed to Xi Jinping and domestic political maneuvering.   The two take a deep dive into the state of ongoing flux in the U.S.-China relationship; the now-strategic competition between the U.S. and China; what the new rules for engagement are; Chinese foreign policy transitioning to a more active approach; the most significant changes in the bilateral relationship over the past 12 months; and the current state of Australia-China relations. What to listen for this week on the Sinica Podcast:   2:39: Rudd describes the transition of Chinese foreign policy from the reserved “conceal one’s strengths and bide one’s time” (韬光养晦 tāoguāng yǎnghuì) to a more active or energetic approach of “be energetic and show promise” (奋发有为 fènfā yǒuwéi), which reflects Beijing’s growi…

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  2. Cal Newport on a world without email - This Working Life - ABC Radio National

    Does your inbox make you miserable? Is the constant barrage of back and forth emails stopping you from doing deeper, more focussed work you actually need to do? You are not alone. According to , on average, email interrupts knowledge workers work every six minutes. There is an alternative. Cal walks us through why our relationship with email is dysfunctional and how to break up with it. Cal’s book: A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in the Age of Overload Producer:

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  3. How to pull off a radical career change at any age, we bust some myths - This Working Life - ABC Radio National

    Changing careers isn’t easy - overcoming inertia is hard and knowing where to start can seem really difficult. Career coach debunks some myths and steps us through the process. We also meet some brave souls who’ve pulled it off including criminologist turned crime writer , former lawyer now psychiatrist-in-training and who left a 12-year career in digital media to follow her passion and become a forest therapy guide. Producer:

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