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I am a K-12 educator from Melbourne, Australia, supporting the integration of technology and innovation.

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  1. Should we attempt to escape from “politics”? - The Minefield - ABC Radio National

    “Politics” is, it seems, inescapable. Christos Tsiolkas joins Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens to discuss whether we should preserve ways — in literature, in art, in comedy, in sport — to escape the limits of political conflict.

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  2. BBC Radio 1 Stories - Roland TR-808 TR-909 TB-303 Documentary

    Roland’s genre-defining trio of sound boxes the TR-808, TR-909 and TB-303 are now the subject of a documentary thanks to BBC Radio 1.

    Arguably as important to the evolution of dance music as designer drugs and poor fashion choices, these humble toys formed the backbone of rap in the 80s (and now again in 2013) and were irrefutably integral to the development of techno and house, with the acid house subgenre being entirely based around the sound of the TB-303′s characteristic squelch.

    Radio 1′s Kutski documents the history of the three boxes, and attempts to track down the people responsible for creating them to find out if they had any idea that they would end up being used (and abused) as they were. In discussing the technology, he enlists some of dance and rap’s most important figures to comment on how Roland’s drum machines and synths influenced their sound. Golden age rap producer DJ Premier talks about using the 808, and thankfully the BBC have roped in Richie Hawtin, who was famously able to squeeze every last drop of life out of all three instruments while he was operating under his Plastikman guise.

    Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 1Xtra Sun 12 May 2013 21:00

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  3. Martin Amis’s Inside Story - Late Night Live - ABC Radio National

    The latest work by British author Martin Amis, Inside Story: How to Write, takes the death of his closest friend, Christopher Hitchens, as the starting point for this book. Along the way we meet other vibrant characters who have helped define Martin Amis - from his father Kingsley Amis, to his hero Saul Bellow, from poet Philip Larkin to his stepmother, the novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard. Were it not for his stepmother he might never have taken up writing.

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  4. The Bonus: Life in the Woods - This Working Life - ABC Radio National

    To get through this second COVID lockdown, Lisa has gone deep with her night-time reading. In this episode she discusses Henry David Thoreau’s Walden: or, Life in the Woods with Steph Clarke facilitator and host of Steph’s Business Bookshelf. Lisa explains how this book has helped her re-frame her approach to work and get a grip on her finances in these challenging times. Last week on The Bonus: , Viktor Frankl (And if you enjoy the show help us out by sharing and rating us with those little stars. Five thanks!)

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  5. The abominable heretic - The Philosopher’s Zone - ABC Radio National

    In July 1656, the young philosopher Baruch Spinoza was cast out of his Jewish community for "abominable heresies". We don’t know what those crimes were, but we do know that Spinoza has remained a polarising figure within Judaism ever since.

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  6. Episode 6 OUIL Podcast

    Episode 6 of the podcast - Gary Stager’s dinner out with Bec and other Aussie teachers in the US; Ben Hutchinson up close and personal; Esme announcing Vox POX instead of Vox Pops; Olive Robinson’s groovy take on "The Cat In The Hat" plus more.

    At podcast create by the amazingly talented students from Spensley Street Primary School

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  7. Vinylcast #36: Until the End of the World | bavatuesdays

    I picked up some vinyl this weekend, and I got some good stuff. Right now I am gonna spin the soundtrack from Until the End of the World on #ds106radio— Jim Groom (@jimgroom) September 13, 2020

    On Sunday I resumed my vinylcasting on #ds106radio after having made a bit of a score. I picked up a bunch of great albums which inspired me to return more regularly to playing some vinyl on the radio.

    The first album I choose was the soundtrack to Wim Wenders‘ scifi road movie Until the End of the World. The album is chock-full of good tunes with everyone from Neneh Cherry to Lou Reed to R.E.M. to Depeche Mode, etc. In fact, you could argue the soundtrack was better received than the movie

    In fact, during this vinylcast I took a bit about the films reception, the various versions of the film subsequently released, and its garnering greater appreciation in the decades since its 1991 release.

    #vinylcasting a late-summer Sunday Until the End of the World on #ds106radio #4life— Jim Groom (@jimgroom) September 13, 2020

    The soundtrack is also interesting in that most folks probably listened to it on CD given in 1991/1992 when it was released the compact disc was increasingly more ubiquitous and affordable. I had the CD in 1992, and one of the things you immediately realized after getting the vinyl is that there are quite a few tracks “missing” that were included on the CD, which highlights the brave new world of digital and more content!

    In this vinylcast I play through the album and then also include the songs included on the CD, such as a few of Graeme Revell‘s tracks from the film score, including Patti and Fred Smith, T-Bone Burnett, and Jane Siberry. I also mention this soundtrack really highlights a moment in my life in which the entire course of my future changed in a few short months in the name of love. We all have our stories in that regard, and this is definitely one of them for me.

    #vinylcast: Until the End of the World 9/13/2020

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