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  1. 2046: Exact Growth Playbook: From Idea to Seven Figures with Jim Huffman

    Jim is the founder of GrowthHit and a Techstars Growth Mentor. He has grown his agency to 50k in revenue a month and is the author of The Growth Marketer’s Playbook.

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  2. 5by5 | The Ihnatko Almanac #125: The Schneider of My Dorm Room Floor

    Andy and Dan talk about the art and craft of assembling and disassembling things, the roots of the maker movement, the hackintosh, soldering, automobile repair, listener feedback, and more.

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  3. Live from Google I/O 2016 | Podcast 064

    Josh Vergara is joined by Lanh Nguyen and Kris Carlon for a special episode of the AA Podcast from Google I/O 2016. As the Google fanatic event of the year, Google I/O announced a slew of new apps and services that we are all excited for, join the team as they discuss their experiences at the event and opinions of the announcements. Particularly, the guys chat Google Home, Google Daydream and where Google is taking us next.

    Thank you for joining us, be sure to check out our partner sites – SoundGuys covers the best mobile audio gear and TabTimes talks all things tablet. Sign up for our various newsletters and enter for your chance to win one of our many giveaways.

    The Android Authority Podcast – discussing topics in Android every week.


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  4. Jobs to be Done BOB MOESTA ON JTBD

    Bob Moesta is both an entrepreneur and engineer. Over his career, Bob has developed and launched more than 3,000 products. He worked alongside Clay Christensen and is passionate about aligning marketing with engineering. As a result, he is always asking the question, what job is the consumer trying to hire for? Hence, the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) mindset.

    “The CPG industry launches over 7,000 products a year and less than 40 go over $50M that’s dismal,” says Bob Moesta, “products that usually succeed are built to address a JTBD.”

    Brand Lab Series™ Episode 45 Show Guide A disconnect between marketing and engineering The Jobs to be Done (JTBD) premise The mistake of content over context Correlation versus causality seems like marketers treat innovation as luck Working alongside Clay Christensen and Jason Fried The one innovation that will get him into heaven Thank you for listening, we hope you enjoyed our conversation with Bob Moesta. Furthermore, hear other episodes of the Brand Lab Series™ at:

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  5. UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 53: Trust Marketing with Paul Jarvis

    How do you grow an audience of true fans who trust you? How do you define your tribe? Our guest today is Paul Jarvis — a famous designer, author, and entrepreneur. Paul talks about the four components of his marketing formula and his unique way of doing business online. You’ll learn how to build trust, fearlessly launch products, manage expectations, and grow a focused mailing list.

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  6. The Compiler—50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

    Installing Windows might take 5,000 years without the compiler, a remarkable innovation which made modern computing possible. Tim Harford tells a compelling story which has at its heart a pioneering woman called Grace Hopper who – along the way – single-handedly invented the idea of open source software too.

    The compiler evolved into COBOL – one of the first computer languages – and led to the distinction between hardware and software.

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  7. Tom Coates on conversational devices

    The O’Reilly Bots Podcast: Conversational interfaces for the Internet of Things.

    In this episode of the O’Reilly Bots Podcast, I speak with Tom Coates, co-founder of Thington, a service layer for the Internet of Things. Thington provides a conversational, messaging-like interface for controlling devices like lights and thermostats, but it’s also conversational at a deeper level: its very architecture treats the interactions between different devices like a conversation, allowing devices to make announcements to any other device that cares to listen.Coates explains how Thington operates in a way analogous to social media; in fact, he calls it “a Twitter for devices.” Just as people engage with each other in a commons, devices chat with each other in Thington’s messaging commons. He also discusses the value of human-readable output and the challenges involved in writing human-understandable scripts.

    Other links:

    Coates’ blog post “The Shape of Things,” an overview of how connected devices will communicate with humans

    Google Translate’s interlingua

    The O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence conference, June 27-29, 2017, in New York

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  8. The World’s Most Productive Man - Modern Mann

    ‘Productivity’ is a term that gets tossed around a lot: you should be more productive at work; the nation needs to be more productive in general… But what does it actually mean? There are only so many hours in the day - are there really lifehacks that can help us make better use of the limited time we have to boost our output iAND lead happier lives?

    One man who knows is Chris Bailey - in a series of experiments, he spent a year trying out productivity techniques such as goal-setting, meditation and early rising, and measured actual outcomes. In this interview with Olly, he reveals his top productivity tips, dismisses the industry of ‘productivity porn’, and speaks up for the positive role of caffeine…


    MP3 Acast iTunes PocketCasts TuneIn Elsewhere, Ollie Peart fills The Zeitgeist with news of the new Metrosexual: the Spornasexual; predicts the welcome demise of shared plates; and celebrates the trend for non-confrontational reality TV - while it lasts…

    Meanwhile, in The Foxhole, Alix Fox has bad news for frequenters of notorious London sex-sauna Rio’s, and some tips for a listener whose wife wants to watch porn with him. The Foxhole is sponsored by - enter the code FOXHOLE at checkout for an outrageous 15% off.

    Music this week comes courtesy of Foreign Fields and their new single Dry, out now on Caroline Records:

    If you have any feedback about the show, you’d like to buy us a beer, or you have a question of sex for Alix, you’re in the right place. If you’d like to tell other people about how amazing our show is, head on down to and leave us a review - we really appreciate it!

    See You Next Tuesday! Posted on November 22, 2016 and filed under Season Three.


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  9. Mark Waldrup talks hi res audio on Triangulation

    Mark Waldrep, the head of the Audio Recording area of the Division of Performing and Digital Media Arts Division at CSU Dominguez Hills, founded and directs AIX Media Group, AIX Records and, the world’s first high definition, surround music download site. He has over thirty years of business and production experience in the world of digital multimedia and has been a visionary in the application of technology to the entertainment, recording and corporate industries.


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  10. Future of high-res audio Home Theatre Geek 247

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