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  1. Fired Google Engineer James Damore (Live Interview)

    James Damore (former Google Senior software engineer) joins Dave to discuss why he was fired from Google after an internal memo he wrote about Google’s ideological echo chamber and diversity policies was spread online. *Dave will be taking your questions from Super Chat and Patreon during the live stream. Submit your questions now and we’ll line them up.

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  2. LIVE at Harvard: Dave Rubin, Bret Weinstein, Steve Simpson on Free Speech in America

    Watch live as Dave Rubin, Bret Weinstein, and Steve Simpson join Harvard University to discuss the current state of free speech in America and American universities, followed by an open Q&A.

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  3. LIVE at Berkeley: Dave Rubin, Heather Mac Donald, Steve Simpson on the Front Lines of Free Speech

    Watch live as Dave Rubin, Heather Mac Donald, and Steve Simpson join UC Berkeley to discuss the current state of free speech in America and on college campuses, followed by an open Q&A. *Subscribe:

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  4. Lindsay Shepherd LIVE: Free Speech Battle with Laurier University

    Lindsay Shepherd (Grad Student at Wilfrid Laurier University) joins Dave to discuss her free speech battle after coming under attack by University officials for presenting her class with a video of a Jordan Peterson lecture.

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  5. Bret and Eric Weinstein, Brothers Together at Last (LIVE)

    Brothers Bret Weinstein and Eric Weinstein join Dave for a live discussion in what is their first public appearance together ever.

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  6. Interview with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson | Free Speech & Social Justice

    In this very exciting stream, I interview University of Toronto professor Dr. Jordan Peterson about the controversy surrounding his opposition to Bill C-16, the importance of free speech, gender issues (including non-binary identities and pronouns), and the current prominence of social justice in academia.

    Dr. Peterson is a vocal critic of the social justice movement and PC culture, and I encourage you to check out his Youtube channel and his website:

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  7. Mac Power Users #415: John Siracusa Workflows and the Future of the Mac - Relay FM

    John Siracusa returns to the Mac Power Users to talk about his favorite workflows and apps. We also spend some time getting John’s opinion about where the Mac is and where it is heading.

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  8. Jorhults andra föreläsning

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  9. ASMR | Secret Santa Unboxing! (Tapping, Crinkling, Scratching, Whispering)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends and fellow Tingleheads!! So, this video is obviously super-duper late, but I am SO EXCITED to finally share with you my ASMR Secret Santa gift exchange unboxing video, organized by the amazing Gibi ASMR. Deepest thanks go to my own Secret Santa, Fred’sVoice ASMR!! To see the playlist of everyone’s gift unboxings, check out the links below!

    Original video:
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  10. EP.38 - Brian Eno, Part Two

    The second of two rambly conversations with artist, musician, producer and polymath, Brian Eno.

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