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  1. Politics of Plumbing: IndieWeb and Federation



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  2. - Intros & Such

    First microcast. We’ll see. 😏🙃

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  3. Micro Monday - Episode 9: @herself

    Jean welcomes Jess Nickelsen to the microcast to talk about living in New Zealand, how she found out about, the shutdown of Diary-X, and why the early days of blogging were like a window into another part of the world.

    Episode 9: @herself Transcript

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  4. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 260, With Special Guest John Siracusa

    The Talk Show

    ‘A Clear Eyed Look at Dishwashers’, With Special Guest John Siracusa

    Saturday, 10 August 2019

    Special guest John Siracusa finally returns to the show. Topics include the Siri voice recording fiasco, Siracusa’s epic Mac OS X reviews, and making good ice.

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    “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Holiday Spectacular, With Special Guests Guy English and John Siracusa.

    The Guardian: “Apple Contractors ‘Regularly Hear Confidential Details’ on Siri Recordings”.

    TechCrunch: “Apple Suspends Siri Response Grading in Response to Privacy Concerns”.

    The Verge: “Apple Stops Letting Contractors Listen to Siri Voice Recordings and Will Offer Opt-Out Later”.

    Amazon’s Alexa FAQ.

    Steve Jobs on privacy at the D8 conference in 2010.

    Apple is now cryptographically verifying battery replacements.

    Apple posts ASMR videos to YouTube.

    David Pogue column on software Easter eggs.

    John talks to Merlin Mann about buying a new refrigerator on their podcast, Reconcilable Differences.

    QuarkXPress Easter egg.

    James Thompson’s Easter egg talk.

    Tovolo King Cube ice cube tray.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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  5. Helping Creativity Happen from a Distance –

    Our host Matt Mullenweg sits down with design leader John Maeda for a discussion about how creative collaboration happens in a distributed context.

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  6. Foie gras - Eat this podcast

    Foie gras offers a fascinating insight into the role of politics in food — which happens to be the subtitle of a new book by Michaela DeSoucey, a sociologist who got caught up in foie gras just before the topic exploded all over the food scene in Chicago.

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  7. Micro Monday - Episode 66: Pratik, aka @pratik

    This week’s guest just returned from Yellowstone National Park with some amazing photographs. Pratik talks about his approach to taking photos while on vacation. We also talk about blogging in a post-Facebook existence. And we go on a tangent about Star Trek fandom, and learn that Pratik can’t do the Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” salute.

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  8. Editing: ASMR PRO TIPS

    Hey everyone! We’ve made it to the fourth and final installment of my ASMR pro tips series. In this video we will go over how I import audio and video files, sync them, and explain how I enhance the sounds and images to create a final project. I hope you’ve found these videos helpful and relaxing! :)

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  9. Fireside Babble & Sewing at Babblebrook Inn (ASMR)

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  10. Laci Green LIVE: Red Pilling, Sex, and Constructive Dialogue

    Laci Green (YouTube Creator) joins Dave Rubin live in studio to discuss social justice warriors, politics and her recent awakening, gender, sex, and more. Subscribe:

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