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  1. For Laura Jane Grace, Punk Was A Form Of Armor : NPR

    The founder of the band Against Me! felt so conflicted about her gender growing up that she thought she was schizophrenic. Since transitioning, she’s become more in touch with herself.

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  2. Mac Power Users #366: Catching up with Brett Terpstra - Relay FM

    Brett Terpstra is back to that about his gear, his newfound love of the Apple TV and Apple Watch, the state of Automation, Apps for Nerds, and going independent.

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  3. A Prairie Home Companion for February 18, 2017

    This week: a live broadcast from the Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul, Minnesota with guests The Avett Brothers, Jesca Hoop, and Jen Kirkman.

    Download the Song of the Week, "Thanks for Listening"

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  4. Nerdist Podcast: Rob Zombie #3 | Nerdist

    Rob Zombie (musician, filmmaker) talks to Chris about preferring tv to movies, how fast technology is growing and how working towards something makes you enjoy

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  5. clicking here

    "My dog thought I was a singer… because dogs don’t understand standup comedy." -Margaret Cho [20:40] [Housekeeping update: The demand for my $5K Holiday Megabox exceeded expectations, so I’m opening up a few more slots.

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  6. Nerdist Podcast: Reggie Watts | Nerdist

    Reggie Watts (musician, comedian, The Late Late Show) chats with Chris about his job on The Late Late Show, eating too many THC edibles, and their personal

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  7. Nerdist Podcast: Funcomfortable | Nerdist

    As a special thanks to the podcast listeners, Chris is releasing his newest Comedy Central special Funcomfortable for a limited time! This is the 50 minute TV

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  8. Nerdist Podcast: Dana Carvey | Nerdist

    Dana Carvey (Wayne’s World, Saturday Night Live, The Dana Carvey Show) chats with Chris and Matt about their ancestral histories; Dana does some impressions and

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  9. Nerdist Podcast: Mike Birbiglia #4 | Nerdist

    Mike Birbiglia (comedian, director, Sleepwalk with Me) returns to the Nerdist for a fourth time! He talks to Chris and Jonah about being successful in stand up

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  10. Nerdist Podcast: David Cross | Nerdist

    David Cross returns to the podcast and talks to Chris, Matt, and Jonah about the new Virgin America airlines safety video, accidentally getting booked to do

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