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  1. TFMR Podcast #16 - A Special Announcement from Andrew Maguire

    Andrew Maguire is something of a legend within the precious metals community. Though he is an accomplished metals trader with over thirty years of experience, he first gained notoriety in 2010 after writing a series of emails to the CFTC ( in which he analyzed and predicted Bullion Bank trading/manipulation practices. These emails were made public by Bill Murphy of GATA during an appearance at a CFTC hearing in March of 2010.

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  2. TFMR Podcast #15 - Trader Dan Norcini

    Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting with "Trader" Dan Norcini. Dan is a independent, professional trader. This means he makes his living off of being able to nimbly move into and out of positions, in the end consistently generating enough profits that Mrs. Norcini doesn’t make him get a regular job!

    Dan has a wealth of experience which he freely shares with all Turdites in this podcast. I strongly encourage you to make the time to listen.

    As many of you know, Dan is a featured commentator on websites such as JSMineset and King World News. Dan also maintains a blogspot site where he often posts his own, personal analysis of various markets. Time prohibits him from updating it daily but you should check there daily anyway, just in case. He usually posts new information 2-3 times per week. The site can be found at .

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