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  1. TFMR Podcast #16 - A Special Announcement from Andrew Maguire

    Andrew Maguire is something of a legend within the precious metals community. Though he is an accomplished metals trader with over thirty years of experience, he first gained notoriety in 2010 after writing a series of emails to the CFTC ( in which he analyzed and predicted Bullion Bank trading/manipulation practices. These emails were made public by Bill Murphy of GATA during an appearance at a CFTC hearing in March of 2010.

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  2. Chris Martenson And Ted Butler Discuss The End Of Silver Price Manipulation

    The podcast covers: * Why silver has such a compelling value story * The coming silver supply crunch * The argument behind the allegations of silver price manipulation * Drivers behind the recent price action in silver * Why price volatility will increase * The expected outcome of the CFTC’s investigation and why Ted thinks it will be "a bombshell for the silver market"

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