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  1. Software Engineering Radio: Episode 171: Scala Update with Martin Odersky

    This episode is an update on the developments around the Scala language. We covered the new features in 2.7 and 2.8, as well as what’s planned for 2.9. We then discussed briefly the different “proficiency levels” of Scala programmers. The main part of the episode centered around Martin’s new research project: the polymorphic embedding of DSLs for expressing concurrency into Scala.

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  2. Software Engineering Radio: Episode 179: Cassandra with Jonathan Ellis

    Cassandra is a distributed, scalable non-relational data store influenced by the Google BigTable project and many of the distributed systems techniques pioneered by the Amazon Dynamo paper. Guest Jonathan Ellis, the program chair of the Apache Cassandra project, discusses Cassandra’s data model, storage model, techniques used to achieve high availability and provides some insight into the trend away from relational databases.

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  3. Software Engineering Radio: Episode 185 Dwight Merriman on Replication

    As application data size and throughput have outgrown the processing and storage needs of commodity servers, replication has become an increasingly important strategy. In this episode, Robert talks with Dwight Merriman about database replication. Topics covered include replication basics, master-slave versus master-master, failure and recovery, replication versus backup, whether replication primarily for scaling or for availability, and the internals of MongoDB replica sets.

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  4. TFMR Podcast #16 - A Special Announcement from Andrew Maguire

    Andrew Maguire is something of a legend within the precious metals community. Though he is an accomplished metals trader with over thirty years of experience, he first gained notoriety in 2010 after writing a series of emails to the CFTC ( in which he analyzed and predicted Bullion Bank trading/manipulation practices. These emails were made public by Bill Murphy of GATA during an appearance at a CFTC hearing in March of 2010.

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  5. TFMR Podcast #15 - Trader Dan Norcini

    Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting with "Trader" Dan Norcini. Dan is a independent, professional trader. This means he makes his living off of being able to nimbly move into and out of positions, in the end consistently generating enough profits that Mrs. Norcini doesn't make him get a regular job!

    Dan has a wealth of experience which he freely shares with all Turdites in this podcast. I strongly encourage you to make the time to listen.

    As many of you know, Dan is a featured commentator on websites such as JSMineset and King World News. Dan also maintains a blogspot site where he often posts his own, personal analysis of various markets. Time prohibits him from updating it daily but you should check there daily anyway, just in case. He usually posts new information 2-3 times per week. The site can be found at .

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  6. Chris Martenson Interview With Jim Rogers: Why Inflation Is Raging Worldwide And He’s Shorting US Treasury Bonds

    In this podcast, Jim explains why:

    * Inflation is ramping up worldwide, though many governments are trying to downplay the risk. In fact, the Fed is 'throwing gasoline on the fire' with its prodigious money printing.
    * Higher interest rates are inevitable, which will lead to a lower standard of living for everyone - except those who have recognized the risks and invested accordingly. 
    * Dangerous supply drawdowns are occurring across the commodity landscape (including oil). This will increase the upward pressure on prices.
    * Given a future of higher rates, as well as massive debt issuance, Jim thinks it's now time to short U.S. Treasuries
    * The world economy is more interconnected than ever. All the players need each other, raising the systemic risk posed if countries start defaulting (which Jim notes is a more common occurance than most people realize).


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  7. Predictions For 2011, Part V: with Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock

    "Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock joins us to outline his thoughts on 2011, which he first writes about in his post, Ten Economic And Investment Themes For 2011. But in this interview we get a bonus 11th theme .

    Mish is one of the - if not the - best economic blogger out there, a voice of sanity in all the madness. This is an excellent interview dealing in facts and fundamentals. The interview lasts an hour and gets better and better as it goes along …"

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