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  1. ‘Coffin confessor’ Bill Edgar paid to gatecrash Queensland funerals and speak up for the dead - ABC News

    Clients "knocking on death's door" engage this private investigator to crash their funerals and reveal awkward secrets some mourners would prefer remain eternally buried.

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  2. 06 | Wil Anderson is sorry for the thing he said - Dishy - ABC Radio

    Wil Anderson turns up to talk about food, but it's an apology Matthew Hayden is after. The comedian, Wilosophy podcaster and host of ABC TV’s Gruen says sorry for sledging Haydos 20 years ago. He also tells Haydos about the perils of trying to coin your own nickname — there's a good reason you're not calling this vegetarian 'Doughnuts' Anderson today.

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  3. Dylan Moran and the white-knuckle ride of standup - Conversations - ABC Radio

    Dylan Moran on his County Meath childhood, making Black Books, and why he gave up drinking for good (R)

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  4. Why would Australia ban TikTok? - The Signal - ABC Radio

    TikTok's reputation is changing. It used to be known as a Gen Z haunt and lip sync repository, but now there's growing anxiety about its links to the Chinese Government. India has gone so far as to ban the social media app, and the same option is being discussed in Australia and the US, among other countries. So what's motivating the concerns about TikTok's links to China? How is the company answering back? And would Australia really ban it? Featured: Ariel Bogle, Technology Reporter, ABC Science Unit

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  5. How border closures failed in 1919 - The Signal - ABC Radio

    100 years ago, when we were up against the Spanish Flu, Australia failed to contain the pandemic, and the weak spot was the border between Victoria and New South Wales. After that, the disease spread throughout the country, infecting hundreds of thousands and killing at least 15,000 people. The parallels to 2020 are striking. So will Australia’s containment measures succeed where they failed a century ago? Featured: Dr Peter Hobbins, Principal historian, Artefact Heritage Services and Honorary Affiliate, Department of History, University of Sydney

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  6. ‘I was stuck in my bed – all I could do is cry.’ Is COVID making you burn out at work? - This Working Life - ABC Radio National

    Is COVID-19 making you push yourself too far at work? Could you be at risk of burnout? We explore what causes burnout, how to recognise and deal with it and how burnout can even become deadly. GUESTS Professor Michael Leiter has extensively researched the experience of burnout at work, most recently through Deakin University in Victoria. Dr Nadine Hamilton is a psychologist who works with veterinarians and her PhD research looked at vets' lived experience of animal euthanasia. And sharing their stories of burnout: Marie Cecile Godwin, UX designer and editor of Burnout: let’s reignite the flame; Alice Cooney, the Law Institute of Victoria's Young Lawyers president; and vet Dr Claire Stevens. This episode kicks off our four-part series: Performing in a Pandemic. We know that things won’t “snap back” exactly to the way they were - so how do you prepare yourself to adjust to this new way of working? In our next episode: what to eat to optimise mental performance. FURTHER INFORMATION: Nadine's book is Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian and her charity is . Claire's book is Love Your Dog. Producer: Maria Tickle

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