Have We Grown Too Fond Of Technology?

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  1. How Science and Technology Influence Language : NPR

    Have you ever been Plutoed (demoted)? Is your inbox clogged with "bacn" (spam by personal request)? Are you a lifehacker (master at optimizing everyday routines)? Jonathon Keats, artist and author of Virtual Words, explains how science and technology influence language, and vice versa.


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  3. The Catholic Geek: The Science of Science Fiction 06/05 by We Built That Network | Technology Podcasts

    Karl Gallagher returns to discussion where science fiction is more fiction than science and vice versa. Host Declan Finn will try to keep up. Karl K. Gallagher is a systems engineer, currently performing data analysis for a major aerospace company. In the past he calculated trajectories for a commercial launch rocket start-up, operated satellites as a US Air Force officer, and selected orbits for government and commercial satellites. Karl lives in Saginaw, TX with his family. So yes, he is a rocket scientist.


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  4. Have We Grown Too Fond Of Technology?

    In her book Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other, Sherry Turkle examines our proclivity for robots, smart phones and social networks, and though far from suggesting we ditch technology, she wonders if we aren’t losing out on human contact in the process.

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  5. Paul Polak on Appropriate Technology for the Smart Era | SDF2012

    Are innovations in science and technology only destined to be faster, more complex and capital-intensive? In this transition period into the so-called ‘smart era’, ‘appropriate technology’ is receiving renewed attention.

    과학과 기술은 과연 더 빠르고, 복잡하고, 자본 집약적인 방향으로만 진화할 것인가? 가난한 자의 기술, 또는 수준 낮은 기술 등으로 비하되며 사회적 관심에서 벗어나고 있던 적정기술이, 스마트 과도기 첨단기술의 홍수 속에서 재조명되고 있다.

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