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  1. NPR: 03-01-2009 Pop Culture

    Stories: 1) Number Of Years In Print For ‘Harper’s Index’: 25 2) Vidders Talk Back To Their Pop-Culture Muses 3) ‘Simpsons’ Gets Two More Seasons On FOX 4) Lonely Island: Making Satire Sing On ‘Incredibad’


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  2. Standby Episode 3: Every Other Fight — Anxious Machine

    I’ve always loved telling the story of the first (and only) time I got punched in the face, and not because I won the fight. I lost, by a long shot. But it’s a story about standing up to one of the toughest scariest guys in my high school, and it made me feel like a hero. But the stories we tell about ourselves are rarely the whole story. This story changed for me when I decided to pick up a microphone and interview the guy I fought that day. The story I’d been sharing at parties for years was the story of a moment he has long wished he could forget.

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  3. The Story Of The Inexperienced Ghost

    The Story Of The Inexperienced Ghost (aka The Inexperienced Ghost) is, on its face, merely a humourous ghost story. But I get the sense that there’s quite a bit of satire going on in it. It may be doing to the straight-up ghost story (in a far more lighthearted way) what The Red Room does to the Gothic Horror story.


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  4. This American Life 383: Origin Story

    In one story, a man tries to set the record straight about his life’s achievements, which he says include inventing thumb wrestling and popularizing the eating of shrimp in the New York area. And the story of a seven-year-old old boy trying to figure out where he comes from.


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