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  1. Stuff You Should Know

    Can WE Build an Elevator to Space? — With the end of the shuttle program and an International Space Station still in need of supplies, the aerospace industry is working the kinks of out of a century-old idea to build a service elevator from Earth to outer space.

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  2. Back down to Earth

    Since November 2000, humans have been living in space on the International Space Station (ISS). Although the ISS is a remarkable engineering achievement, human space exploration has proven dangerous and costly. There is no air, gravity or food, and water has to be recycled from sweat, stale breath and urine. As we return to the Moon and aim for Mars, some argue that space colonisation is also immoral, psychologically and socially damaging and unnecessarily expensive. Beatriz De La Pava talks to astronauts, anthropologists, scientists, doctors and philosophers to investigate if it is time to abandon the dream of human space travel and come back down to Earth.


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  3. Big Picture Science

    As the Worlds Turn —If you’re itching it get away from it all, really get away from it all, have we got some exotic destinations for you. Mars … Jupiter’s moon Europa … asteroids . Tour some enticing worlds that are worlds away, but ripe for exploration. Also, why private spaceships may be just the ticket for getting yourself into space, unless you want to wait for a space elevator. And, why one science journalist boasts of an infectious, unabashed, and unbridled enthusiasm for space travel.

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  4. Why Space Travel is Colonial Crisis

    With Earth's natural resources diminishing at a rapid rate, many tech giants are dubbing space as our salvation. Billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are pumping out extravagant technologies intended to establish human life on space bodies with unlimited resources. But what's wrong with these aspirations? And what does having billionaires at the fore of these conversations say about our space goals?

    Featuring: Damien Williams - PhD Researcher in the Department of Science, Tech and Society at Virginia Tech. Amy Thomas - Researcher in the Indigenous Land and Justice Research Hub at the University of Technology Sydney.

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