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  1. #370: Automation with Sal Soghoian

    Sal Soghoian, the father of automation on the Mac, joins Katie and David to discuss the state of Mac an iOS automation. Sal discusses the history of Automation on the Mac, the possibilities for Automation on iOS and the tools and languages available to put the power in the hands of the user.

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  2. Testing

    Sam Phippen, Justin Searls, and Noel Rappin spend this episode talking about the value of test-driven development (TDD) as well as its cost. They discuss the kinds of problems that developers are likely to have after they learn TDD and attempt to apply it to a large application. Learn why Rails is both great and terrible for automated testing, and how testing can influence the structure of your code.

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  3. Episode 20 Outtake: It Gets Personal with Jenn Schiffer

    Today we recorded an all-women show, with Coraline, Jessica, Astrid, and our amazing guest Jenn Schiffer. I think the fact that it was all women really influenced the direction that we took and freed us to talk about things in a personal way that maybe would not have been possible before. I (Coraline) believe that this was our best episode in the history of the show.

    After we're done recording the podcast we often talk to our guest in a more personal way. Today after the show ended I thanked Jenn for a tweet she made critical of the cissexism that is present in contemporary movements like the Women's March. This lead to a really poignant discussion that we wanted to share exclusively with our patrons.

    I hope you get as much out of it as we did.

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  4. SE-Radio Episode 244: Gernot Starke on Architecture Documentation using arc42

    Gernot Starke talks about arc42: an open-source set of templates he developed to document software architecture based on his practical experience with real projects. Also Gernot and host Eberhard then discuss how documenting architecture fits into agile processes and how to find the right amount of documentation for a system. They walk through the different parts of the arc42 templates covering requirements and the context of the system and the solution structure, including building blocks, runtime, and deployment. They discuss tooling, versioning, testing documentation, and how to keep documentation up to date.

    Venue: innoQ event Related Links:

    Gernot on Twitter: <>
    arc42 homepage <>
    arc42 examples <>
    arc42 templates <>
    Gernot’s homepage (German) <>
    Episode 228: Software Architecture Sketches with Simon Brown <>
    Simon Brown’s homepage <>

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  5. Episode 54: Einführung in die Programmiersprache Rust

    Stefan Tilkov unterhält sich mit Florian Gilcher über die Programmiersprache Rust. Das Mitglied des Communiy-Core-Teams von Rust stellt die Sprache vor. Dabei geht Gilcher auf die Historie, die Sprachbesonderheiten und die wichtigsten Features ein. Außerdem grenzt er Rust von anderen Programmiersprachen ab und stellt ein paar Beispiele vor, wo die Sprache schon zum Einsatz kommt.

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  6. 116: Preserving the Architecture of the Web with Stefan Tilkov

    There’s a lot of pressure these days to use a JavaScript framework to create every website. “Which one is best?” people ask, “Which one should I use?” Stefan Tilkov joins Jen Simmons to talk about the architectural style of the web, and how to understand to best create an application on the web. What is the role of each of the technologies available?

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  7. #9: Presenting with iOS

    Travelling with such light and simple devices is a dream come true for many road warriors, but can iOS truly deliver the power required to be an end-to-end presentation platform?

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