Episode 153: iOS and iPadOS Utilities We Love – AppStories

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  1. Episode 130: iOS and iPadOS 13: The MacStories Review – AppStories

    Federico’s iOS and iPadOS 13 review is out, so we’ve got a special episode of AppStories all about the big-picture changes to the OSes, the evolution of Shortcuts into a Siri development tool supported by third-party developers, the balancing act Apple performs when updating apps distributed to hundreds of millions of users, and lots of interesting little details about iOS and iPadOS 13.


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  2. Tailwind CSS utility-first CSS with Adam Wathan

    We have Tailwind CSS author Adam Wathan on to discuss utility-first CSS, and why it’s a viable alternative to using semantic classes or BEM naming conventions. If you’ve heard of utility-first CSS but think it’s a misguided idea, or have only a vague idea of what utility CSS or atomic CSS is, this is the podcast for you!

    We discuss the problems with "candle drip" CSS that can accumulate over time, and how Tailwind CSS is more than just utility CSS, it’s a workflow for rapidly prototyping CSS and building scalable CSS.


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