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  1. Zhamak Dehghani on Data Mesh, Domain-Oriented Data, and Building Data Platforms

    In this podcast, Daniel Bryant sat down with Zhamak Dehghani, principal consultant, member of technical advisory board, and portfolio director at ThoughtWorks. Topics discussed included: the motivations for becoming a data-driven organization; the challenges of adapting legacy data platforms and ETL jobs; and how to design and build the next generation of data platforms using ideas from domain-driven design and product thinking, and modern platform principles such as self-service workflows.

    Why listen to this podcast:

    • Becoming a data-driven organization remains one of the top strategic goals of many organizations. Being able to rapidly run experiments and efficiently analyse the resulting data can provide a competitive advantage.
    • There are several “architecture failure modes” within existing enterprise data platforms. They are centralized and monolithic. The composition of data pipelines are often highly-coupled, meaning that a change to the data format will require a cascade of changes throughout the pipeline. And finally, the ownership of data platforms is often siloed and hyper-specialized.
    • The next generation of enterprise data platform architecture requires a paradigm shift towards ubiquitous data with a distribute…

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  2. Master Your Sleep & Be More Alert When Awake | Episode 2 - Huberman Lab

    Today's episode provides a host of information on what makes us sleepy, sleep soundly, and feel awake and alert. It covers a broad range of tools for anyone wishing to improve their sleep and wakeful state. The science and logic for each tool is described. Please put your questions related to Episodes 1 & 2 in the comments section below so I can address them in Episode 3 "Office Hours". Thank you to our sponsors: Helix Sleep: Headspace:

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  3. Why the Obsidian app is the center of David Sparks’ Digital Universe | LYT House Episode 3

    David Sparks—of MacSparky, the Focused podcast, the Mac Power Users podcast, the amazing MacSparky Field Guides—and self-proclaimed but accurate "Internet Rascal" climbs the LYT House to chat with Nick about how he is using Obsidian and maybe even to screenshare a thing or two. After that, there will be an AMA session with David.

    David Sparks is a nerd who podcasts about getting more out of your Apple Technology, Automating your life, and getting more focused.

    David also publishes where he writes about finding the best tools, hardware, and workflows for using Apple products to get work done.

    David’s favorite thing to do is build the MacSparky Field Guides ( When not doing all that stuff, David practices a bit of law.


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