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  1. North Star Podcast: Ash Fontana: Building Artificial Intelligence

    Ash Fontana is an entrepreneur, investor, and author. As an entrepreneur, he was only of the early employees at an online investing platform called AngelList. From there, he became the Managing Director at Zetta, the first investment fund focused on artificial intelligence. Now, he’s the author of the AI-First Company. This conversation is about that book. Ash says that AI-First companies are the only trillion-dollar companies, and soon they will dominate even more industries, more definitively than ever before. But we don’t just talk about the book. We also talk about health, continental philosophy, and Ash’s obsession with bicycling. Please enjoy my conversation with Ash Fontana.

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  2. Cracking the Sweet Potato Code

    Is this the most genius way to cook a sweet potato? Molecular biologist turned food writer Nik Sharma thinks so. Nik and host Kristen Miglore also discuss turnips, super tasters, and how to navigate virtual socializing.

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