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  1. UX Advantage

    Karen Pascoe: Great question. How I’ve been using

    external agencies is going to continue to morph over time, and I’ll

    probably settle it when I’m at somewhere between the two and three year

    mark, as the team gets closer to critical mass and scale.

    When I started, I had no team. My first hire came onboard close to six

    months after I did, as I was getting acclimated. My onboarding process

    was long, and they wanted it to be long. They wanted me to get to

    understand the company, and the business, and the various operating

    divisions, and how they worked.

    And get really networked, and get networked globally. At the beginning,

    I was using vendors because I didn’t have a team, and the agency needed

    to be my team. It’s starting to shift where, in some cases, I’ve got

    discrete projects, and then I’ve got agencies that are all ready under

    the procurement process.

    Because we’re a big company. We work with them. I’ve got some great

    partners on that front. That’s helpful, but what I’m finding I want to

    move into, and some of our partners are more comfortable with this, and

    some of our partners are less comfortable with this is, we’re going


    That’s it, Lean UX and Agile, a combination of that, so if I’m driving

    strategically what our experiences are and how they’re coming together, I

    really want people who can work on a co-create basis with us, out of

    our studio.

    They don’t need to be there five days a week. They can have some time

    in their own nest, and that’s OK, but given that, I really want vendors

    who are local, that work with us in New York City, which we’ve got a

    great capability there, but also who can work with us in a Lean and

    Agile fashion.

    The agency business hasn’t quite read Jeff Gothelf’s book, or really

    taken it to heart, and they’re still in the deliverables business. I’m

    in the outcomes business. I don’t need big reports. I don’t need funky

    little deliverables. I don’t really want to pay for them.

    I want outcomes that I’m delivering for my customers, and I really want

    partners who can work with me on that. We’re at this inflection point

    of companies, like MasterCard, in it to win it, and really building

    these internal teams, and that’s not going to stop.

    The nature of how we work with our partners who have valued skills, and

    capacity, and things to bring to the table that are really important,

    how’s that arrangement going to evolve over time?

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  2. The Web Platform Podcast : 43: Modern JavaScript with ES6 & ES7


    The world of JavaScript is a large one. AJ O’Neal (@coolAJ86), Podcaster & JavaScript Developer along with Netflix UI Architect & TC-39 Member, Jafar Husain (@jhusain) take us through opinions & facts about the state of the ubiquitous JavaScript language. Modern application development can daunting for developers just coming into web technology & JavaScript. Utilizing the latest & greatest in the language is not as easy as one might think and in some case it may be possible.


    Then there are the transpilers & package managers. So many tools to polyfill or shim and features seems like more work than we’d want for a fast production project. Is it worth utilizing the benefits of ES6 & ES7? AJ & Jafar share with us what they think.


    ES6 Support Table -

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    Danny Blue - Front End Engineer at Deloitte Digital

    Erik Isaksen - HTML5 Google Developer Expert & Front End Engineer at Deloitte Digital

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  3. Stephen Colbert on his improv background and how he gets in character for The Colbert Report.

    To listen to this episode of Working with guest Stephen Colbert, click the arrow on the audio player below: Subscribe in iTunes ∙ RSS feed ∙ Download ∙ Play in another tab On this episode of Working, David Plotz talks with Stephen Colbert on how he puts his show together and turns himself from Stephen Colbert…

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  4. 161 RR Docker Deploys with Sam Saffron

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:12:25 — 66.3MB) Panel Sam Saffron (twitter blog) James Edward Gray (twitter github blog) Avdi Grimm (twitter github blog book) David Brady (twitter github blog ADDcasts) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach […]

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