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    Tesla’s biggest innovation was introducing alternating current as the standard for modern electric power, breaking Thomas Edison’s monopoly on DC power. Author and monologist Mike Daisey performs a one-man show about Tesla. In this segment he describes the inventor's obsession with electricity.

    "He literally had visions," Daisey says. "He could create simulations of things that had never been. And they would come to his mind in a flash, whole, complete, and entire."

    A Serb, born in 1856 in what is now Croatia, Tesla came to the US to work with Edison on his electricity projects. But the two inventors disagreed about alternating and direct current, and Tesla left to develop his own alternating current generator. It was the beginning of the war of the currents. "AC vs DC, it's not just a band. It's a battle over standards. It's like VHS vs Beta, but this time it's for your entire house," Daisey explains, "so you really want to be on the right side of this one."

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  2. Macworld Pundit Showdown XXIII: Colorful iPhones, more colorful Steve Ballmer | Macworld

    Christopher Breen, Roman Loyola, Susie Ochs, and Armando Rodriguez duke it out over colorful iPhones, Steve Ballmer's departure, and Tim Cook's Twitter account in the latest skirmish of technology experts.

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  3. Sal Buscema Hulk Interview Podcast and a Great Commission Opportunity! | an INCREDIBLE HULK web site

    I am very proud to present an exclusive interview with the quintessential and definitive Hulk artist, Sal Buscema. My good friend and fellow Hulk fan Jason Loker recently spent 45 minutes talking with Sal about his thoughts and experiences with the Hulk. To my knowledge, this is the first interview done by Sal that is focused…

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  4. Vector 13: Kevin Michaluk on what happened to BlackBerry | iMore

    It happened to Palm. It's happening to BlackBerry. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung might be insulated by their revenue from other businesses, or they might not. No company stays on top, or even in the game, forever. So, we interrupt our usual programing to get Kevin Michaluk of back on the line so he can explain to us what the hell is happening with BlackBerry. The reaction to the iPhone, the detour of the PlayBook, and the launch of BB10. No. Holds. Barred.

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